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Paris Release Promo Video And Announce Self-Titled EP
Paris Band Logo
Up and coming alternative rock band Paris has finally released a promotional video for their forthcoming Self-Titled EP. After being in the works for almost two years, the quintet has crafted the record and is ready to begin performing. Set for a summer time release, the EP will make Paris a strong presence in the contemporary rock scene. Visit the band's Facebook page for updates on their progress.
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Album Review: Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Colour
Enter Shikari A Flash Flood Of Colour Hopeless Records Album Art
Where does one begin with Enter Shikari’s A Flash Flood of Colour? It’s truly an amalgam in a musical sense; blending everything from dubstep and post-hardcore to drum and bass and trance into a sonic smoothie topped off with plenty political idealist sentiment. Roughton “Rou” Reynolds, front man and master of machines, drops the bass with his three bandmates; all the while maintaining a highly liberal lyrical...
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Album Review: Man Overboard (Self-Titled)
Man Overboard Self Titled Artwork
If this decade is the pop-punk renaissance, then Man Overboard is its Donatello, at the forefront of the movement. Hyper-poppy hooks, laden with high school emotions and peppy, harmonized vocals are something that these Jersey dudes are known for, and such elements have not been abandoned on their new self-titled full length. Despite this, Man Overboard have managed to develop further...
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Exclusive: Erik Rojas’ Top Ten Albums Of 2011
The Sound Alarm writer and photographer Erik Rojas shares his picks for best albums of 2011.
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Profiled Artist: I Can Chase Dragons
Side projects are always interesting. It’s great to see what sort of sonic deviation a band member will take when he or she breaks off from their fellow members. In the case of Julio Gudiño, guitarist and vocalist of famed Mexico City-based indie outfit The Plastics Revolution, his new solo electronic dabble pulls at everything from vintage Mexican folk records to dreamy electronica. Currently based out of Boston, I Can Chase Dragons!...
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Interview: Mason
Hip-Hop has been full of fresh, young, up and coming acts as of late, and Philadelphia’s own Mason is no exception. With his aggressive rhythmic style and a philosophy on life that centers on music, Mason may just enter your radar soon enough. Here he talks about his influences and upcoming projects! Be sure to snag his free 18-track mixtape as well.
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Six Picks With Gentlemen Hall: Six Memorable Tour Experiences
Since Boston rockers Gentlemen Hall have been gaining rapid success which means a lot of touring, Erik had vocalist Gavin Merlot describe six memorable moments from their recent travels around the country.
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Profiled Artist: XNY
It truly is refreshing when one witnesses an artist that really can’t be classified. Crooklyn duo XNY is one of those acts. Combining the indie aura of a band like Broken Social Scene with awkward onstage humor and a mean dose of funk, guitarist/vocalist Pam Autuori and drummer Jacob Schreiber have a fun live show, to say the least. Initially known as Little Liars in their old stomping grounds of...
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Tour Review: The Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour
I don’t think Pop Punk ever really died. It may have taken a pretty long nap, but as of late, a handful of young and aggressive musicians have revived this 90’s- bred genre. With its catchy hooks, sweaty mosh-pits, and joyful friendliness, Pop Punk looks like its back and here to stay. The Pop Punk’s Not Dead tour was headlined by one of genre’s founding fathers, good old New Found Glory. As I strutted...
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Show Review: Saves the Day and Bayside – (10/08/11 – Royale Nightclub – Boston, MA)
It was a warm October evening in Boston, as I made my through Chinatown to the Royale Nightclub to catch the Bayside and Saves the Day tour. Standing in line was tough, due to the cloud of cigarette smoke that wafted around my friends and I. Once doors were opened, we eagerly entered the chandelier lit lobby, climbing towards the main ballroom. It wasn’t a night for sleazy dancing however. There...
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Album Review: Transit – Listen & Forgive
Transit - Listen & Forgive Album Artwork Rise Records
“Hot damn.” That is all I can really muster after listening through Transit’s new LP and Rise Records debut Listen & Forgive. It is an album of true development and metamorphosis, in regards to both musical talent, and writing. Once a brotherhood-driven pop-punk band with mild hints of Midwest-emo, Joe Boynton and the boys have shifted in a new direction. Listen & Forgive has the raw aggression that Transit...
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Album Review: Hands On The Stereo – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work EP
Hands On The Stereo - Teamwork Makes The Dream Work (Image via Bandcamp)
As much as I like to make fun of New Jersey, I have to give it props for the music it has been putting out as of late. Man Overboard, I Call Fives, the list goes on. I recently got my paws on Hands on the Stereo’s new EP Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, a five-song onslaught of what they call “hardcore pop-punk.” Translated into layman’s terms, that basically means Four Year Strong/A Day to Remember-core...
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Album Review: Gentlemen Hall – When We All Disappear EP
Gentlemen Hall
Poppy, Electro-funky, dance-worthy awesomeness…with flute. That phrase sums up Boston sextet Gentlemen Hall pretty well. Starting as a few Berklee students who would, as lead vocalist Gavin McDevitt put it, “party and jam pretty loud in the dorms,” Gentlemen Hall blossomed quickly within the Boston music scene, bringing a funky, dance-infused flavor to their live performance. The band rose greatly in fan-base...
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