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Video Interview: William Beckett
William Beckett 2014
William Beckett (who many of you may know as the front man of now-defunct The Academy Is...) was kind enough to sit down with us for a video interview at the Atlanta stop on the "Reunion Tour 2014," which was headlined by We Are The In Crowd. William discusses his thoughts on going solo, changes he has noticed during his tenure in the music industry, why he opted to sign to Equal Vision Records, and much more.
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Interview: The Maine
John O’Callaghan of The Maine performs in Denver, Colorado. Photo By: Matt Nistler for The Sound Alarm.
Tempe, Arizona band The Maine are not afraid to grow and transform. They've done the catchy-as-heck pop sound, the edgy alternative-rock sound, and with their latest EP, Imaginary Numbers, the band has stepped into acoustic balladry. So what can we expect next from these Warped Tour veterans? Would they ever consider re-signing to a major label? The Sound Alarm recently caught up with frontman John O'Callaghan to find out!
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Interview: Best Of Friends
Best Of Friends
You might know Morgan Dorr and John Keefe best as members of Boys Like Girls. However, their new Americana/Folk project, BEST OF FRIENDS, proves their musical chops extend far beyond love drunk pop-punkers. The guys were kind enough to chat with us about the band's unique formation, comparisons to The Lumineers, and whether we can expect a tour in the near future. Click the post title to read the full interview!
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Interview: Friend Slash Lover
HELLTHY Single Art
I was given the pleasure to interview Friend Slash Lover ahead of their forthcoming exhibition entitled ‘It Was My Idea To Steal That Idea’. The band discuss their latest single ‘HELLTHY’, and chat to me about the new directions they have taken; everything from their quirky summer single to Josh Mintz’ equally vibrant and socially relevant artwork. Mintz discusses what it was like working with former art school friend...
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Interview: Cartel
Cartel Collider Art
Caitlin Smith had the opportunity to catch up with Cartel vocalist/guitarist Will Pugh to discuss the band's fourth studio album, Collider. Will explains the origin's of the album's name, the process of recording without the support of a record label, and the balancing act of pleasing long-time "Chroma" fans, while still exploring new musical territory. Check out the full interview (including fan-submitted questions) by clicking here.
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Interview: Forget Me In Vegas
With New York's own Forget Me In Vegas signing to Streaker Records, The Sound Alarm's Kayley Guyette wanted to know what's in store for the band. Discussing the closing of Stickam , which the band regularly used to chat with fans on Sunday, the pre-production of their next album and of course their label signing. Curious if you should take a listen to FMIV? They have an answer for that too! Our answer? Yes!
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Interview: June Divided
Photo Credit: Doug Seymour Music Photography
What do you get when you combine a drummer from Craigslist, music tech nerds, and the ability to get you off your seat? An extremely talented band called June Divided. The chemistry that blossomed between Melissa Menago (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Kissel (Guitar), Keith Gill (Drums), and Lenny Sasso (Bass) has created a tidal wave of success that the band has built on through 2012...
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Interview: Upon This Dawning
Upon This Dawning To Keep Us Safe Album Art
The land of Italy has delivered a gift to the United States in the form of a band called Upon This Dawning. Recently signed to Fearless Records, UTD has made a name for themselves over the course of a few years. Our staff writer Samantha Purcell-Musgrave caught up with the Italian sextet to discuss their new beginnings in the states.
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Interview: Horizons
Horizons is the dream-child of three really close friends who shared a passion for performing, playing instruments and writing music. Pretty soon after formation, two new members were added. After a short time together, the guys produced their debut EP and have effortlessly spend that past couple of years extensively touring. Growing a fan-base with their catchy choruses and talented work with...
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Interview: Kurt Travis
Kurt Travis Promo Photo
What started as a passion for a 13 year old boy soon turned into a profession for musician Kurt Travis. He has made his mark in bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Five Minute Ride, and O! The Joy. Now, he is on the next chapter in his life juggling a solo career and a spot as lead singer in the band, A Lot Like Birds.
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Video Interview: We Are The In Crowd (Vans Warped Tour 2012)
We Are The In Crowd The Sound Alarm
The Sound Alarm's Caitlin Smith sat down with the members of Hopeless Records band We Are The In Crowd at the Atlanta, GA stop of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour to get caught up on all the latest happenings with the band. Check out the video interview by clicking the post title.
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Interview: Romance On A Rocketship
Romance On A Rocketship Promo Photo
Over the past couple of years, Missouri resident Kasey Smith has been taking an out of this world ride on his rocket ship; Romance on a Rocketship that is. He has taken the ability to hone in on the things that you want to hear and turn it into a catchy song. Our staff writer, Samantha Purcell-Musgrave, was able to get a few words from Kasey before the release of his latest EP, Creatures of the Night.
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Video Interview: The Downtown Fiction
The Downtown Fiction Promo Photo
Ever wonder what The Downtown Fiction does everyday on tour? Or how long they would last in The Hunger Games? In this interview the now four-piece band talks about the new band members, their new EP, their favorite Mayday Parade songs and more. Check out the video interview and transcription here!
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