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Profiled Artist: Sarah Borello
Describing her music as “blues alternative”', Sarah Borrello is a singer-songwriter hailing from Boston. Starting with classical piano lessons at a young age, she admits that since a very young age “music was my favorite thing do”. Alongside her love for writing poetry and a craving to perform, a star was formed. With her self-taught vocals, which were a result of hours of training to the harmonies of...
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Profiled Artist: Mission Hill
Every so often comes along a band or artist that makes you just fall in love with music again. It's an unexplainable feeling and connection one has, but I know there are some out there that know exactly what I am talking about. Mission Hill is one of those bands. The trio of Adam Jensen as singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Alex Knutsen as guitarist, and Nick DiSpagna as bassist hails from Boston, Massachusetts. Forming...
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Profiled Artist: Cara Samantha
Singer and song writer Cara Samantha hails from New York City, a city that births artists full of creativity and passion. I'm sure my hometown is honored to say that Cara is one of those births. Cara is said to be the love child of Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones and Carole King - and with good reason. Her voice is powerful and fun and her songs have a spark to them that make your heart instantly feel a little happier. She had her...
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Profiled Artist: Daniel Robinson
Electro-pop has a new bad boy. Packed with a sultry voice, a pretty face and superb sync with synthesizers Daniel Robinson is blowing up the electro-pop genre. Reminisce of Owl City with a little of Dan Black and LIGHTS, Robinson's venture with music has varied over many genres before he settled on this one. A singer and songwriter bundled into one, Daniel lives in Buffalo, NY but records in...
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Profiled Artist: Culprit
Culprit Analogue Band Promo Photo
The members of the band Culprit grew up ten minutes away from Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. Despite their proximity to the overpopulated Los Angeles music scene, they have an aura that sets them apart. Culprit has built a rock star following throughout California by consistently playing up and down the coast. The band consists of four epically talented guys...
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Profiled Artist: The Composure
The Composure - Stay the Course Artwork
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band The Composure is taking the world by storm. Since the band’s formation in 2007, members Paul Menotiades (vocals/guitar), Seth Milly (guitar/vocals), Johnny Grushecky (bass), and Cory Muro (drums/vocals) have never stopped working. Day jobs are a thing of the past for this band and they dedicate every waking moment to what they love the most – making music.
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Profiled Artist: Vocal Few
Featured Artist: Vocal Few
Seattle native band Vocal Few possesses the most beautiful raw voices I've heard in a while. The acoustic folk pop duo consists of husband Matt MacDonald, who also leads The Classic Crime, and his wife Kristie MacDonald. Matt is on vocals, guitar, and keyboard while Kristie is on vocals and piano. Vocal Few has a rich background story. Kristie had always begged Matt to record songs with her but Matt...
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Profiled Artist: I Can Chase Dragons
Side projects are always interesting. It’s great to see what sort of sonic deviation a band member will take when he or she breaks off from their fellow members. In the case of Julio Gudiño, guitarist and vocalist of famed Mexico City-based indie outfit The Plastics Revolution, his new solo electronic dabble pulls at everything from vintage Mexican folk records to dreamy electronica. Currently based out of Boston, I Can Chase Dragons!...
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Profiled Artist: Myka, Relocate
Myka Relocate
Ever since their genesis near Lafayette, LA in 2007, the members of Myka, Relocate have been relentlessly working to build up a reputation in the local scene. After establishing this, guitarists Josh Peltier and Austin Dore, drummer Sam Albarado, and bassist Luke Burleigh set their sights outward. With a recent addition of two new vocalists (John Ritter and Michael Swank)...
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Profiled Artist: XNY
It truly is refreshing when one witnesses an artist that really can’t be classified. Crooklyn duo XNY is one of those acts. Combining the indie aura of a band like Broken Social Scene with awkward onstage humor and a mean dose of funk, guitarist/vocalist Pam Autuori and drummer Jacob Schreiber have a fun live show, to say the least. Initially known as Little Liars in their old stomping grounds of...
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Profiled Artist: Fools For Rowan
Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, alternative indie rock band Fools For Rowan is the ultimate blend of powerful vocals and instrumentals. Only together for a little over a year, the band is already being raved about. The band's enthralling front vocalist Erin Mullins could not have a more sultry voice. On the drums is Jordan Cullen and on bass is Andrew "Gibby" Williams, with Ryan Harrison Nanney...
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Profiled Artist: Avian Sunrise
Avian Sunrise
Avian Sunrise, a band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is making their mark on the alternative rock scene. The piano rock, five-piece formed in 2009 and practiced in their fraternity’s basement. Now, with college degrees in hand, the guys are ready to expand their audience. The current lineup consists of Bryan Wehrkamp (vocals/piano), Luke Volden (guitar/vocals), Paige VanderWeide (drums/vocals)...
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Profiled Artist: Set It Off
Set It Off
With their vigorous touring and hilarious interactions with fans, Tampa natives Set It Off are setting out to spread their fresh and distinct “orchestral pop” sound. They are ready to prove they are in an entirely different league of their own. The unsigned quintet’s previous 2 EPs Baby You Don't Tripajaharda and Calm Before the Storm pump out a very fun, catchy, and somewhat conventional pop rock sound...
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