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Set Review: Pierce The Veil – “The World Tour” (November 22, 2014 – Hartford, CT)
Vic 1
It’s closing in on 8:30 at night at The Webster Theater. The crowd is getting anxious. The main room in this Hartford, CT venue is packed and bustling with noise from the audience. The venue is one of the smallest on the tour, only packing in about 1,250 people, but it is still rumbling with voices and screams. I make my way to the stage through a sea of young adults. I might be the....
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Album Review: Nemes – I Carry Your Heart
I Carry Your Heart is the newest installment from Bostonian quintet, Nemes. This album is a little all over the place on first listen and it is hard to pin down an actual genre of this band. As a new listener to Nemes it was a little off putting at first, like they did not know what type of music they wanted to play. But as I really got into the album, I fell in love with the lyrics. The silvery tone in vocalists Dave Anthony and Josh...
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Album Review: Charming Liars – New Disorder EP
These days, there is a prevalent music culture that too often celebrates a certain attitude that music must be anti-radio-friendly – sometimes even completely inaccessible – in order to be worth listening to. The ultimate irony of this is that it can be difficult to find an up-and-coming baby band that embraces that more straightforward rock anthem. This is where Brit-rockers Charming Liars come in. Their debut 4-track release, named...
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Album Review: Cautioners – Conditional Identity EP
Cautioners are today’s version of the Wizard of Oz; however, instead of fulfilling fantasies with trifle items, this bands fulfills music-lovers cravings for emotional and well thought out songs. The UK band consists of Alan Tansley, Henry Montague Lambourne and Josh Duddridge. With very little information available on its respective sites, Cautioners seem to be hiding behind the curtain of the music and allowing its first EP...
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Album Review: Sarah Donner – Fossil Of A Girl
Sarah Donner, an Indie folkpop musician from New England really took me by surprise with an overwhelming amount of talent. The album, Fossil Of A Girl is quite the musical masterpiece for many reasons. There are lots of artists out there with talent, and it takes a lot to stand out. I’d say the vocals on this album are strong enough to convince me this lady has a gift for music. As if that was not enough, she plays the piano...
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Tour Review: He Is We “Getting Back Up Tour” (April 25, 2013 – Denver, CO)
He Is We perform in Denver, Colorado // Photo By: Matt Nistler for The Sound Alarm
Typically when a major label artist heads out on tour, the main goals are to fill arenas to capacity and plug the band’s latest singles with the primary focus of boosting album sales. He Is We’s “Getting Back Up Tour” followed no such formula; making it all the more special. The intimate 11-date tour featured the Republic Records band playing a stripped-down set at smaller venues...
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Album Review: The Racer – Passengers
Out of New York City, comes a group of five musicians with the emotion and energy ready to share music with the world. The Racer, a band that has been together since 2008, excitedly brings its sophomore release Passengers to fans of independent music with pop and rock influences. Members include Pete Marotta (vocals), Mike Esserman (guitar), Eric Sosler (bass), Steve Kindracki (guitar) and Mike Perri (drums). With....
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Album Review: Nemes – Five Minutes EP
There’s no question that in the landscape of the modern music industry that social media has created, there are hundreds of ways for artists to get their music into the hands of their fans. Worcester, MA quintet Nemes have taken this to heart and are releasing the 5-song 5 Minutes EP exclusively on their Kickstarter “I Carry Your Heart” project, which is running until April 21, 2013. “99 Cars” takes you on a journey...
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Album Review: Sarah D – Over You EP
Born and raised in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide, pop/rock artist Sarah D knew music would be her future after buying her first Britney Spears album. It was because of Spears that D begged her mother for singing and dancing lessons, and by the young age of 12, Sarah shed all hesitation and found herself ultimately performing in front of crowds of hundreds at various events. A few years ago, a trip to the US...
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Album Review: Run For It – Better Days EP
Run For It Better Days
The Northeastern US has a knack for delivering only the best from the pop-punk world, and rockers Run For It are no exception to that trend. Seemingly determined to single-handedly prove that the genre isn’t dead, the five-piece is comprised of former members of bands Man Overboard and Bangarang. Better Days was recorded at Warminster, PA’s Overlook Studios by Bruce Wiegner in September 2012 and was released the...
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Album Review: Forget Me In Vegas – Coulda Shoulda EP
Since their first release of Get Gone, Stay Gone, Forget Me In Vegas have made several changes as a band, including line-up changes and differentiating aspects of musical genre. Through the new Coulda Shoulda EP release, Forget Me In Vegas explores a more electronically-fueled method of musical creation. With Chris Wurzburg on vocals, Jamie Okrzynski playing guitar and Joe Raymond taking care of the...
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Album Review: Pilot For A Day – Better Air
Pilot For A Day Band - Better Air Cover Art
If not for Craigslist, Kansas City raised Pilot For A Day would not be a band today. Nolan Smith (Vocals, Guitar) and Brandon Rimmey (Guitars) met via the classifieds website in late 2010 and began writing the songs that would eventually comprise their debut album Better Air. Joined by Kyle Swanson (Bass) and Craig Harper (Drums) in November 2012, they worked hard to get the album released...
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Album Review: Before You Exit – I Like That EP
Before You Exit I Like That EP Artwork
Before You Exit first surfaced into the pop-punk scene a few years ago when they were asked to be one of the supporting acts on the My Small Package Tour where they quickly became All Time Low’s mini me’s. Many were impressed (including myself) with their talent at such a young age. Being only 14 and 15 they could command the crowd like a much more mature band and hold their own every night on such a big tour.
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