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Editorial: Protecting Yourself From Property Theft
Photo By: Emily Jillian Photography
Take a second to calculate the total of your electronics and the contents of your wallet. The total quickly adds up doesn’t it? Now if any or all of it went missing could you afford to replace them? Would you have the serial numbers of the electronics and the card numbers for gift cards? Do you have an insurance policy that covers theft? These are all questions you should be asking yourself right...
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Looking Back: Vans Warped Tour 2012 (Photo Gallery)
It is that time of year again. The dog days of summer are swiftly coming to a close, and for many, fall classes and sports have already begun. While there is much to look forward to in the autumn season (including an abundance of fall tours), it can be a depressing realization that not only are the carefree days of summer over, but another year of the Vans Warped Tour is in the books...
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Article: The Ten Most Unappreciated Albums of My Lifetime
Lucky Boys Confusion - Throwing The Game Album Artwork (Wikipedia)
Think about a band you really love that writes amazing songs, and ended up disappearing because nobody seemed to care. That is what this list is all about. These are the records I listen to all the time, that I can't talk about with anyone, because either nobody knows about them, or because nobody took the time to listen. I am trying to change that by giving them some much deserved recognition...
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Santa’s Sled Brings Holiday Songs
November and December of every year bring about a sense of love and warmth, even when temperatures are below freezing. Family and friends join together to sit by the fire opening gifts and singing songs of joy. However, there’s always the “black sheep” of the family who won’t sing along because they’re just not feeling that cheery spirit. This year, bands such as All Time Low, The Ready Set, Bayside, and more have joined...
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So You Want To Be A Publicist?
Persona Logo
Jordyn Borczon has been working with public relations firms since 2006. Currently, she is president of Persona PR, where she represents music clients, top television and film actors, EMMY winning below-the-line-talent and more. She shares with The Sound Alarm, some tips for aspiring publicists.
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10 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” For Up and Coming Artists
In an industry as vast and complex as this one you have to know where to go and you have to have some kind of idea on a direction in which you want to head. Say you have just recorded your first record, what happens now? Harass everyone on MySpace and Facebook to go listen to it? Invest thousands of dollars in advertising for a band no one’s ever heard of? I’m here to give you artists a bit of insight.
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How To Beat The Warped Tour Heat
warped logo
The Vans Warped Tour has encountered record high temperatures on the road over the years. Paramedics are on standby throughout the day to be of service in the case of an injury, or more likely, helping someone who has passed out from the heat. Each year I’ve watched attendees get carried out because they did not take the necessary precautions to beat the weather. Below you’ll find a list of tips gathered over time from seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.
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Albums That Changed My Life: The Starting Line
The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It
Before he went by Kenneth Vasoli, and before AJ Perdomo and John O’Callaghan were compared to him, Kenny dyed his hair blonde, wore a really tight tshirt, and sang his heart out. Okay…I suppose he hasn’t really stopped singing his heart out, but the situation is a little different. Back when this album came out, The Starting Line had something to prove. Maybe you’ve heard of the band, but if not you should check out...
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Albums That Changed My Life: Midtown
Midtown Forget What You Know
Before the neon, before the keytar, but most importantly, before the celebrity status, Gabe Saporta was the frontman of a highly influential punk rock band called Midtown. Not only did Midtown influence bands like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, but they shared a label with New Found Glory, and had a billboard charting single. Maybe you’ve heard of the band, but if not you should check out their album Forget What You Know....
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Guest Article: Advice To An Up & Coming Band
One of the things we are really excited about here at TSA is bringing you a guest article every week. These articles are going to focus on topics all across the music industry. To kick this off, we have an article written by Matt Wolk on what advice he would give to a band that is just starting out.
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