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Six Picks With Smoke Season: Six Los Angeles Bands to Watch

Looking for a new artist or two to add to your summer playlist? Well The Sound Alarm enlisted the help of Smoke Season to share their Six Los Angeles Bands To Watch. As an indie group who took the scene by storm last year, they know a thing or two about being a band to watch. With picks ranging from tracks to dance to to artists you must see live, there is something for nearly every music fan in this Six Picks!

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Six Picks With Western Education: Six Things You Should Consider When Picking A Band Name

Nearly every band name has a story to go with it. For Western Education, it was how they described their sound during one of their first practices. They went back and forth on the name until deciding they liked the name for the acronym “WE” promotes their togetherness. So we asked Will Hunt, Western Education’s bass player, and connoisseur of band-names, chimes in on six important things…

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Six Picks With Ostrich Run – Six Reasons Why Music and Charity Go Together

Everyone has something they believe in, a cause to fight for or a dream to mutative them. For Ostrich Run they are working to use music to promote charity. So much so they have founded their own charity the Ostrich Farm Foundation. As they work to use music to promote charities we asked them to share their six reasons why they think music and charity go together.

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Six Picks With The North: Six Backup Plans
TN Promo Photo

Virginia’s own The North are celebrating the release of their single “Always Have A Backup Plan”. With the single suggesting The North knows a thing or two about backup plans, The Sound Alarm decided to put it to the test. In this unique Six Pick we presented The North with six scenarios ranging from power outages, forgotten birthdays to zombie virus outbreak and asked The North to share…

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Six Picks With King The Kid: Six Songs We Wish We Wrote
King The Kid

“For our picks we decided not to go with just typical classics everyone would expect. These are songs that we really enjoy and love for a variety of reasons, that we wouldn’t mind calling our own.” – King The Kid

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Six Picks With Fake Shark – Real Zombie!: Our Six Favorite Tour Comedy Listens
FSRZ Promo

Touring in a van can mean hours of open road and little to do. Fake Shark – Real Zombie! have a secret for fighting off boredum – listening to comedy recordings. Do you have a long drive ahead? Well, we have you covered! The guys share their six favorite listens and why.

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Six Picks With Jordan JAE: Six Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Passion
JAE-graffitti (med)

Jordan JAE is one motivated and talented young lady. Started singing at 7, wrote her first song at 9 and recorded at SlumboLabs at 13.Now at just 14 years-old Jordan continues to see even more success. With such motivation to pursue her passion from a young age, it was only fitting we ask Jordan her Six Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Passion. Her reasons can apply to any passion…

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Six Picks With We Built The Moon: Six Reasons Why Kickstarter Is Changing The Music Industry

Many of you reading can think back to a time where in your bedroom you pretended to be a rock star signed to a label in front of the mirror. Making it in the music industry was purely dependent on having support from a label then. Well times are changing and Providence’s own We Built The Moon are no strangers to this change. Their EP Resistance was released with the help of their fans…

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Six Picks With Shoot The Cricket: There’s No Shame In The Farting Game
Shoot The Cricket OFFICIAL Promo Photo

Shoot the Cricket is an indie duo from Virginia with extraordinary musical skills and a unique perspective on things. Farting in public has long been frowned upon in society. It’s “gross”, it’s “disgusting” and it’s “revolting.” And that’s exactly why we’re going to enlighten you with six reasons why farting is totally appropriate. After all, there is no shame in the farting game!

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Six Picks With Dynasty Electric: Six Amazing Artists We Discovered While Making Our New Record
DE main photo

Recording and releasing an album takes a lot of hard work and having a lot of people involved. Dynasty Electric wanted to create something very unique with their new album Euphoria. They didn’t want to limited themselves to friends in the area to join them on the album. Instead they reached out to artists all around the world to help them. They share with The Sound Alarm six of the amazing artists they…

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Six Picks With Empire Street: Six Movies That Ruined Our Life
Photo courtesy of Anthony of Red 13 Media

While tracking some new tunes in the studio, we recently overheard someone blurt out “Dude, that movie ruined my life”. We thought it was hilarious, and realized wow….there are really some movies out there that have messed with people. Whether it is with fear, bad habits introduced, or something totally humiliating happening during it…..whatever… are a few movies that may (or may not) have “ruined” our lives.

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Six Picks With Cable Car: Six Best Cover Songs
Photo By Chris McMahon

When scouting out new music chances are you’ll come across a cover song or two. Some are really good and others not so good, while others can open up the doors for new artist discovery. With so many covers out there it’s hard to know where to start (hint: with good ones!), so The Sound Alarm asked Cable Car to select a few of their favorites. With their recently released cover of Justin…

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Six Picks With Harmful If Swallowed – Six Best Backstage Moments

Who doesn’t love a good backstage story? Meeting an idol, hanging out in the green room, unlimited catering, fights and well a whole lot more. Sure some stories are better than others and some aren’t worth telling. While some artists are lucky to meet one of their idols, Harmful If Swallowed has many. Their Six Best Backstage Moments have a little bit of everything that makes a backstage story great in them. So if you’re looking for a good…

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