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Six Picks With Dynasty Electric: Six Amazing Artists We Discovered While Making Our New Record
DE main photo
Recording and releasing an album takes a lot of hard work and having a lot of people involved. Dynasty Electric wanted to create something very unique with their new album Euphoria. They didn't want to limited themselves to friends in the area to join them on the album. Instead they reached out to artists all around the world to help them. They share with The Sound Alarm six of the amazing artists they...
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Six Picks With Empire Street: Six Movies That Ruined Our Life
Photo courtesy of Anthony of Red 13 Media
While tracking some new tunes in the studio, we recently overheard someone blurt out “Dude, that movie ruined my life”. We thought it was hilarious, and realized wow....there are really some movies out there that have messed with people. Whether it is with fear, bad habits introduced, or something totally humiliating happening during are a few movies that may (or may not) have “ruined” our lives.
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Six Picks With Cable Car: Six Best Cover Songs
Photo By Chris McMahon
When scouting out new music chances are you'll come across a cover song or two. Some are really good and others not so good, while others can open up the doors for new artist discovery. With so many covers out there it's hard to know where to start (hint: with good ones!), so The Sound Alarm asked Cable Car to select a few of their favorites. With their recently released cover of Justin...
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Six Picks With Harmful If Swallowed – Six Best Backstage Moments
Who doesn't love a good backstage story? Meeting an idol, hanging out in the green room, unlimited catering, fights and well a whole lot more. Sure some stories are better than others and some aren't worth telling. While some artists are lucky to meet one of their idols, Harmful If Swallowed has many. Their Six Best Backstage Moments have a little bit of everything that makes a backstage story great in them. So if you're looking for a good...
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Six Picks With The RunAround: Six Tips For Making The Most Out Of Prom
Prom. What many teenagers spend their high school years looking the most forward to. Selecting what friends to ride in the limo with, the hunt for the perfect dress, making sure a great theme is voted for and most of all making it a night to remember. While there has been movie after movie on good proms and really bad proms, The Sound Alarm wanted to bring you some advice that doesn't require...
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Six Picks With The Venetia Fair: Our Six Best TV Show Ideas
With many shows renewal status still unknown and the announce of new pilots to come soon, it's clear what will be watched next fall is on the minds of many. Police procedural, guilty pleasure reality show, best new drama? Who knows what the fall season holds. The Sound Alarm turned to The Venetia Fair to share with us their six best ideas for TV shows. Some of their ideas will make you laugh...
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Six Picks With The GoAround : Six Perks Of Being In A Band With Your Family
Siblings, many have a great reparations and many have a not-so-great. Luckily for fans of Pennsylvania's own The GoAround, brothers Alexander and Anthony have a loving relationship. Spending normal family time, living together and being in a band together these brothers have only strengthened their bond. Curious as to how being brothers effects their music, The Sound Alarm asks them the six best...
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Six Picks With Erica Glyn: Six Tips For Self-Produced Artists
Photo by Hilary J Corts
The music industry can be an expensive place for artists, producers, studio fees, possibly bringing in additional song writers or buying songs. The bills can easily go up and up and up till breaking even from sales is a dream. New York's own Erica Glyn has found a way to keep her recording costs down, she writes, records and produces her own music. Her 2012 release, Static, is just one example. Taking...
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Six Picks With Sarah D: Six Best Breakup Songs
While Valentines Day is a time of love, chocolate and flowers for many, for some it involves getting over the heartbreak of a recent relationship that ended. So for those of you nursing a broken heart back to health we enlisted the help of LA's own Sarah D to share with us some great breakup tunes to listen to. With Sarah's debut EP entitled Over You, we think she knows a thing or two about getting over the ex who broke...
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Six Picks With Broken Anchor: Top Six Baby Making Songs
Known for their sense of humor, we enlisted Broken Anchor, to take part in our Valentines Day Six Picks as well. Instead of wasting the comedic talent of vocalist Austin Hartley-Leonard, we gave him a less safe topic, Top Six Baby Making Songs. Forget the over priced flowers, sappy greeting cards and boxes of chocolates, Hartley-Leonard has put together the playlist to ensure you have...
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Six Picks With The Rescues: Six Reasons Why Love Is Better Than War
Normally Six Picks are a one shot deal for bands, but for a very special Valentines Day themed Six Picks we bring back The Rescues. While last time they shared their Six Favorite Co-Ed Bands, this time they are sharing their reasons why Love Is Better Than War. With their latest album entitled Blah Blah Love And War, we think they might just know a thing or too. With references to Pat Benatar and...
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Six Picks With The Antics: Six Reasons Why Jersey Boys Make The Best Dates!
With Valentines Day just thirteen days away, for those who are single the hunt is on to find the perfect date for V-Day. For all the single ladies out there, New Jersey's own The Antics shares why you should be seeking out a Jersey boy as a date for not only V-Day but any day. For it seems Jersey boys know the way to treat a girl to a delicious Valentines Day breakfast or the day after. Plus...
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Six Picks With Wise Girl: 6 Tips For Being The Woman Fronting A Band
Stepping into a boys world is never easy for a woman. Abby Weitz, front woman of Manhattan's own pop-rock group Wise Girl, is all too familiar with this. With the music industry still considered much of a "boys club", Abby shares her tips for making it as a front woman in a band. With tips including fight for what you believe in, choosing band-mates wisely and the right way to deal with creeps...
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