Six Picks With:

Ryan Brown (bass) of A Million Pieces

When it comes to Hollywood movies, it often feels like all of the “buzz” is about the same actors. Open up any entertainment magazine and we see the same celebrity faces plastered all over. For a refreshing take on the film industry, we turn to Ryan Brown (bassist & Kung Fu movie lover) from the up-and-coming LA-based band A Million Pieces, as he discusses six underrated actors…

Six Underrated Actors:

Donnie Yen is an actor only really seen in the Far East as far as most of his movies. Besides Blade 2 and Hero in 2002, we hadn’t really seen a lot of him until he came out with the movie about Bruce Lee’s teacher called Ip Man. Even then, most of his movies have to be doing fantastically overseas before anybody here in the States even thinks about putting them out.

Ken Wantanabe, again, is another actor that is doing really well in Asia but is not as well known here. He was introduced to us in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise and slowly started to build his “American” acting chops with movies like Batman Begins, Inception, Memoirs of a Geisha and Letters from Iwo Jima. Only in Inception and Memoirs…, he wasn’t a martial arts master. He was just an actor acting out some great parts.

Kelly Osbourne. A filthy, “punk” rock girl who all of a sudden did a 180 change in her life. I know a lot of people just know her for what she’s done as far as her funky clothing choices, her hair, her weight, and not to forget her mouth, but now she’s a new woman. I don’t know what happened during Dancing with the Stars but something kicked her in the ass and put her in the right direction. A lot of girls should look at her and see that if you don’t change the bad in you, you could end up as bad as Courtney Love, or even Lindsey Lohan.

The last three are Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco, Eve Best (who played a great Wallis Simpson in The King’s Speech) and Peter Facinelli (who I didn’t know was the vampire doctor in Twilight ’til I saw Nurse Jackie). I’m just a huge Nurse Jackie fan, and I feel that it should be more well-known like True Blood or The Tudors. Great acting and great story lines.

The debut EP from A Million Pieces is now available on iTunes. The self-titled record features the undeniably catchy single “Laserbeams” and five other standout pop-rock tracks, and was produced by Jerrod “Skins” Bettis, the original drummer for OneRepublic.

Find out the story behind the up-and-coming LA band in a introductory video piece that highlights not only their songwriting process, but their quirky sense of humor and attitude towards music: “It’s not about the photo shoots, it’s not about the interviews, it’s not about music videos – it’s about playing live music for people who love music, who want to have a good time.”

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