By Angela Kenney

These Hearts come from Fargo, ND and their debut album is out now on Victory Records titled Forever Ended Yesterday.  The band, vocalist Ryan Saunders, drummer Isaiah Folk, guitarists Kyle Colby and Daryl Van and bassist Tyler Rice, has a strong work ethic, playing show multiple shows a year in the greater Twin Cities area in Minnesota and touring the country as a whole.  The young popcore band has put together a simple full-length to begin their full time touring and music career.

Starting out Forever Ended Yesterday is the song Apology Rejected” which has high pitched singing, screams, gang vocals, whoas, and a little acoustic guitar near the end of the song.  The next track “Quitting While You’re Behind” uses simple melodic guitar tunes under Saunders’ high pitched singing.  This song in particular shows the length that Saunders goes to in order to hit his high notes.

Track five “Self Respect” is a short intro into track six where the album gets its name from.  The song “Forever Ended Yesterday” talks about the emotions that come with teenage love and its troubles.  The guitars in the song use short, high slides during the verses along with more gang vocals during the choruses.

Despite its title, the song “Live To The Point Of Tears” is upbeat, with a fast tempo and simple drumming.  The end of the song features police sirens running into the second to last track titled “Thinking in Terms of Two” which is a slow acoustic love song, looking into a couple’s future.  The song features Saunders low, more admirable, vocals also with contrasting female guest vocals.  Being a male who sings in a high range is looked at as being very talented, but at times on the album Saunders’ high singing makes it difficult to decipher the lyrics without a booklet.

Being young and coming into the music industry can be a challenge, something that These Hearts seems to be having trouble with.  The songs on Forever Ended Yesterday are enjoyable; though they are not the most inventive.  The band is quite young still and this is their first full-length and hopefully in the future the band will be able to move away from predictable elements, such as their short breakdowns.  The band also seems to be fond of gang vocals which are overused on many of the songs on the album.

The band will be touring throughout summer to support their new album.

Rating: 6/10

Release Date: June 21, 2011

Record Label: Victory Records

Recommended Tracks: “Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt”

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, A Skylit Drive

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