By Jen Nelson

Forever The Day is a Los Angeles based band with a mission: Hands of Hope. While trying to change the world for a better existence, the members create energetic rock music for accepting crowds. Not only are the members of Forever The Day musically talented, but you may also know lead singer and guitarist Johnny Pacar as well as keys/synth player Cody Longo from the TV show Make It Or Break It. The line up is completed with Jason Ywahu (drums and programming) and Adam Jenson (lead guitar). On August 16, 2010 the band released their first EP, After The Afterglow.

The opening track “Under The Twilight” starts with a synth sound that immediately pulls an audience into the music. As the intricate guitar is added, the track becomes even more interesting. The vocals in “Under The Twilight” exude a mysterious almost spooky undertone to the song. Pacar really coerces his guitar into singing throughout the guitar solo. The whispering vocals later into this song add to the mysterious mood to end the track. Overall, “Under The Twilight” serves its purpose as a fantastic opening track drawing in all listeners to keep the EP playing from start to end.

Safe Unsound” exposes Forever The Day’s ability to layer guitars in an interesting manner. This track has a slower beat and a sadder feel. Pacar‘s lyrics convey a despairing image to all with “don’t you know that your time is running out/and you can’t hide/ hideaway for too long/it doesn’t matter/ the truth is gone away”. The outro of the electric guitar is layered under the intro of an acoustic guitar making a very interesting effect within “Safe Unsound”.  The building of the sound helps convey a layering of instruments without being over-saturated.

Forever The Day throws audiences into a roller coaster ride of enchanting musical experiences with “Forever And A Day”.  The soft mood of the verses paired with the intense chorus is sure to keep listeners interesting and begging for more. The big sound feel to this track make “Forever And A Day” an easy tune to rock out to alone in a bedroom or together in a car with friends.

An electronic feel opens “Hold On” as the fourth track on Under The Afterglow. Guitars slowly build to replace the electronics as the vocals carry on an electronic effect to keep the mood of the song. Harmonies throughout this track showcase the vocal abilities in Forever The Day. The piano provides a common thread throughout the beginning of “Hold On”. Heavy guitars give the song a very rock groove. Mysterious sounding vocals add an interest point in the bridge. The piano returns for the outro to the track while a bell tolls giving the outro an ominous feel.

Forever The Day ends their EP with an instrumental track titled “A Whisper In The Crying Night (Part 1)”. It begins with the sound of rain creating a calm atmosphere and continues to do so creating a releaxing track you can unwind to from the previous songs. “A Whisper In The Crying Night (Part 1)” showcases an inventive and intellectual listening experience. Because the track is solely instrumental, it allows the listener to feel the song with his or her own emotions and stories attached to it. The track comes to an end with a sound recording of a thunderstorm, leaving you wondering if a Part 2 is ever released what kind of storm and sound it will bring to the table.

Under The Afterglow is a great EP to introduce the world to Forever The Day. Talented musicianship and inventive creativity come together within each of the members of Forever The Day to give listeners an enjoyable music experience. For people looking for a band with more than just with a rock sound, will find what their looking for with Forever The Day. With each track the band gives a sense of hope and purpose. The Under The Afterglow EP won’t be the only place to hear Forever The Day’s music you’ll be able to hear “Forever And A Day” in the upcoming film Playback (the film also stars lead singer Johnny Pacar).

Rating: 9/10

Release Date: August 16, 2010

Record Label: Unsigned

Recommended Tracks: “Forever And A Day”, “Hold On”

For Fans Of: There For Tomorrow, Tenth Avenue North

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