Interview With:

Nick Dungo (Vocals, Keys) and Jimmy Brindley (Guitar) of For The Foxes

Interview By: Caitlin Smith

Recent Hopeless Records signees For The Foxes has a busy year ahead of them. From writing, recording and touring, they took the time out of their rehearsal to talk with Caitlin Smith about how it all got started, the shenanigans they pull on tour, and everything that is coming next.

Caitlin Smith: Hey guys, how are you?

Nick Dungo: Doing good. Just got done rehearsing for a couple of shows we have coming up. How are you today?

C.S: Doing very well, this is my first time doing a full band interview so I am a little excited.

N.D: Oh cool. Do you work with Matt Nistler?

C.S: Yeah, he is my editor.

N.D: Ah! We love Matt. He did an EP review for us on our first record many years ago.

Jimmy Brindley: Cool dude. Cool dude.

C.S: Oh, definitely. Well, could you introduce yourself and what your role is in the band?

N.D: It is just me and Jimmy right now ‘cause Danny had to go up to the hospital. But I am Nick and I sing and play keys.

J.B: And I am Jimmy and I play guitar.

C.S: Can you tell me a little about the band?

N.D: We started about four years ago and we all went to the same high school together and all of us used to play in different hardcore, like, metal bands back in the day. So we all met each other through those other bands just by playing shows together and stuff but once we graduated high school we kind of started maturing with our song writing I guess and got just a different taste in music and wanting to play more pop/rock stuff and more rock and roll stuff and just all bonded over that style of music. We were all in college at the time and we just decided to take it on to the road and we have just kind of been touring ever since and writing music together and now here we are.

C.S: Can you pick one song that you think you really shows what For The Foxes is all about?

N.D: There is this new song called “The Revolutionthat we have been playing live, we played it on our last tour. It was kind of the last song we wrote and it has a lot of energy and it is fun to play live. I would definitely pick that song to sum up our sound, I think.

C.S: In the bands early days, Nick was the primary driving creative force. Is that still so or does the band contribute equally?

N.D: I still do a lot of stuff on my own and bring it to the band. Jimmy and I just wrote a song together though. I write on my own and then bring it to the band and work out everything and make it sound cool. That’s usually how the writing process is. It changes up from time to time though.

C.S: For The Foxes were doing well independently, why did you decide to sign to Hopeless Records?

J.B: Just to take things to the next level. We had been touring for about a year and a half on our own and we recorded a few songs and just reached out to a bunch of labels and after about eight months Hopeless came out of the wood work and snatched us up.

C.S: What do you think is the biggest change since you have signed to Hopeless?

J.B: Probably the money traffic is a lot better now.

N.D: Just the reality of it now is cool. Like, hey, this is our job! It has always been super important to us and we always took it seriously but once we got signed, ya know, it was awesome. It was hard before like keeping a normal job outside of the band not knowing when we were going to be on tour and all that but now it is pretty definite that this is what we are going to be doing. We always believed it was but once we signed to Hopeless it was like “WHOA! Someone believes we can do this too?” It was a really cool feeling. That’s probably the biggest thing for me.

J.B: Yeah… his answer was better.

C.S: What is something you have to do before you go on stage?

N.D: I think we all kind of do our own thing.

J.B: We just get crazy hammered.

N.D: Yeah. But no, we will do voice warm-ups or stretches and just get all pumped up. We will have like a tiny mosh pit backstage with just us.

C.S: I can imagine that the long drives can get really boring after awhile, what do you do to stay entertained on the road?

N.D: Our drummer Danny does all the driving. Like, seriously, our last tour we did was thirty days. It was Michigan to Florida and he drove the whole time. So we would play games on our phone, play on the computer, read, listen to music. We do sometimes go onto Craigslist and pretend to be people trying to buy their stuff. I dunno but it is absolutely hysterical.

C.S: Have you ever gotten caught?

J.B: Somehow, no, we never did.

C.S: Okay, so, I am going to ask a question and you have to answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

“Every day I have to…”

J.B: Have hot sauce.

“My biggest pet peeve is…”

J.B: Ketchup

“I would never…”

N.D: Start a band with Jimmy.

“If I were a porn star my name would be…”

N.D: Franklin Jerry

J.B: Donny Claws

C.S: Your band did a song for the [Hopeless Records] Love is Hopeless compilation and you released a single, “Where the Heartache is.” What is next for you guys? When can we hear more music?

N.D: We are hoping to be recording in August and September and then a few months after that. We are in the process of getting some B-sides and stuff together to put online for free soon.

C.S: Alright, well is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

N.D: Just come out to a show!

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