Photo Credit: Linda Constantino

The Sound Alarm’s Eric Haftel conducted a video interview with Joshua Withenshaw (guitar) and Matt Black (bass, backup vocals) of Every Avenue at the Oceanport, New Jersey stop of the tour. The band took the time to talk about their catchy songs, tour plans, as well as their brand new album, Bad Habits, which hits stores today via Fearless Records.

Check out the interview and full transcription below…


Eric Haftel: We are here in Oceanport for Warped Tour. You guys have been on tour for a month already and I am betting by the temperature and everything else you guys are starting to feel it?

Matt Black: I think this is around show 24, so it is around half way; but this isn’t too bad today!

E.H: When you are on stage, does the heat affect you when you are trying to give your all and then all of the sudden you are just like, “Woo! One song down…when is this thing over?”

M.B: A blanket of sweat [points to arm].

Josh Withenshaw: The heat gets to me. I have noticed the thing that affects me the most is just sweat on my guitar. The guitar is like soaking wet by the end of the first song.

M.B: I definitely drop a lot more picks. I guess we’re kind of luckier because we usually get to play in the amphitheater if there is one. So we usually play when its 10-15 degrees cooler. So we have it better than a lot of other bands that way.

E.H: What should we expect from Bad Habits?

J.W: Uh, I don’t know. We kind of just tried to make a record that sounds like us live. We just wanted to make a fun rock record.

E.H: What do you expect to be the fan favorite?

M.B: I think maybe as far as live songs, I think “Whatever Happened To You” has a good chance.

J.W: Yeah, I don’t know. It is always tough when it is your own music to guess something like that. Our first single is called “No One But You” so we are pushing that right now and it is getting a pretty good response.

E.H: What makes your songs so catchy?

J.W: As a band we always try and focus on the melody first and foremost and make sure that is solid. We always write all of our songs on acoustic first and then we make them full band so, as I said, we are always working and focusing on the melody.

E.H: When you hear ‘Vans Warped Tour’, what do you think of?

J.W: I think about the BBQ’s a lot and hanging out because there’s so many bands on the tour that we get to hang out and meet a lot of different bands we normally wouldn’t get to tour with. It’s not every tour we will be out with Black Veil Brides or a band like that; so it’s cool with all different kinds of music.

E.H: Are you guys going to be touring?

M.B: Yeah, we are hoping! Well, we have pretty much the rest of this year booked up and we are hoping that next year is the same. We just want to get out and push this record as hard as we can.

J.W: Once the record comes out we just want to go out and tour our asses off.

M.B: Like we always do!

E.H: Well, I will definitely see you around. Thanks so much for your time!

Photo Credit: Linda Constantino