Interview By: Kayley Guyette

Kayley Guyette: Many know you from The Calling but you’re currently out solo. How’d your solo project come about?

Alex Band: With The Calling it was me and my partner and I would have a hired band. I was already writing all the music on my own and when things started slowing down a bit I decided I wanted to do things under my name especially since I was pretty much doing things solo anyway. The confusion of it not really being a band definitely started getting annoying as well. I hope to find the right people I trust one day to make a solidified group…but for now it’s just me.

Kayley Guyette: You were signed to Geffen Records, but left and started your own record label, AMB Records in spring 2008, what motivated you to do so?

Alex Band: I went through five years of fighting with labels in order to start my own. I wanted to be able to make music the way I envisioned it and to have the power to do so. Many of the labels wanted me to make such different sounding music than what I was writing and I believed in myself enough to know that I would be able to release my music with the sound I wanted and it would be successful just like it has been in the past.

Kayley Guyette: Shortly after you released The Alex Band EP, how was recording it? Do you have a favorite song off it? Does it differ from the music you did with The Calling?

Alex Band: I really only put that EP together to have some new music to sell at shows since the fans had been waiting for something new for so long. I never put it up for sale anywhere and never intended for it to get out as much as it did…we sold thousands and thousands of copies all over the world with the help of the fans and fan sites like Those were a collection of songs that weren’t going to be on my full length solo album, except for one called “Only One”. People seemed to really like the EP regardless of them being B sides. I definitely think those songs differ from what I was writing as The Calling. I’ve grown up a lot and matured and have experienced so much and I think that’s reflected in all this new music. My favorite song on the EP is probably Fame since it’s so different from anything I’ve ever done.

Kayley Guyette: Only One was recently featured on an episode of The Vampire Diaries. How did this come about? Did you watch the episode just to hear your song?

Alex Band: The director of that episode was also the director of my music video for “Tonight” and he really wanted to use that song in the episode. I did actually watch that episode to hear the song and thought it sounded great and went with the scene perfectly. Melrose Place also used that song a couple months ago in an episode that I watched as well. It’s always exciting to hear my music in TV and Film.

Kayley Guyette: You started Blackstar Bracelets as a way to release your music. Mind explaining more about Blackstar Bracelets? How’d the idea come about? Do you think it’s something more artists should look into doing? And do you have a favorite bracelet?

Alex Band: I hooked up with Zorbitz and we together came up with the idea for the music inspired line of bracelets. It’s a new way of releasing music into the world and getting it into more places than any other artist and it has never been done before.  Basically, we created a line of 12 bracelets that each have a meaning that corresponds with a song off of my upcoming album. Purchase the bracelet, get a free download of that song along with ring-tones, lyric sheets, headshots, videos, etc.  So not only are you getting an awesome bracelet, but you are also getting my music as well and tons of extras. We are actually in talks with several artists that are very interested in working with us to release their albums this way as well. It truly is the way our industry is headed as far as being able to release music and have people actually wanting to buy it. Right now, I’d say my favorite bracelet would be the “Tonight” bracelet which you can get at

Kayley Guyette: So you’re releasing a full length album, any certain release date?

Alex Band: We are looking at releasing the album in May of this year!

Kayley Guyette: What should fans expect from the album? Will songs from the EP be on it or just all new songs?

Alex Band: Fans should expect to hear a more mature sound with big anthemic songs that have tons of meaning behind them. I put everything I had into this album and had plenty of time to make each song as perfect as it could be. Needless to say, I am very proud of it. The only song from the EP that will also be on the album is “Only One.”

Kayley Guyette: How was recording it? Do you have a favorite song off of it?

Alex Band: Recording the album was a long process and a huge challenge due to all the drama within the label I was on. There were multiple producers and mixers and writers and obscene amounts of money spent and recordings thrown away and re-recorded and remixed and re-mastered, you name it. I feel a massive weight off my shoulders now that it’s all finished and going to be released to the public. I know that future albums I record will be a much more enjoyable experience now that I’m independent. My favorite song on the album changes all the time…I would probably say the song that I’m most proud of is “Please” and I really like “Leave” a lot right now.

Kayley Guyette: The video for Tonight, the first single, was released on YouTube recently, how was filming it? Do you have a favorite part of the video?

Alex Band: Filming that video was awesome. It’s the first video I got to write and have a say in 100%. We filmed everything in double time, so all the acting and band performance we are done twice as fast and then we went back in and slowed it all down to get that effect we wanted. I’d say one of my favorite parts of the video would be when the rose color changes and when I bite my lady (who just happens to be my fiancé as well!). It turned out exactly as I wanted it to and I am very proud of it.

Kayley Guyette: You’re out touring right now, how’s it going? Any more future tour plans?

Alex Band: This US Radio Promo Tour is going great! All of the feedback has been better than I could have every imagined and lots of stations are already starting to play the song even though it doesn’t officially impact radio until March 22nd. Future full band touring plans are slowly starting to take place and I will be sure to update everyone once I know more!

Kayley Guyette: What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Alex Band: In the coming months, fans can expect to hear my song on radio and to see the video in tons and tons of locations across the US; in gyms, casinos, clothing stores, and retail locations. They can also expect to see me in Germany very soon to promote the song there as the beginning stage to the European release, which I am very excited about. This is all just the beginning!

Kayley Guyette: Anything else you’d like to add?

Alex Band: Go buy the single “Tonight” on iTunes if you haven’t already and check out for updates and to see the video for the single!

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