By Erik Rojas

It truly is refreshing when one witnesses an artist that really can’t be classified. Crooklyn duo XNY is one of those acts. Combining the indie aura of a band like Broken Social Scene with awkward onstage humor and a mean dose of funk, guitarist/vocalist Pam Autuori and drummer Jacob Schreiber have a fun live show, to say the least.

 Initially known as Little Liars in their old stomping grounds of Boston, Autuori and Schreiber decided to take up the name XNY. Fusing jazzy acoustic guitars, vocal manipulation, and eccentric drumming, the wall of sound created by XNY deceives you into thinking they are much larger than a two person band.

XNY seems to bring a little bit of everything to the table, which makes them that much more likeable. Their innate ability to appeal to everyone will have you coming back for more of their indie jams and unique style. Currently, XNY is in the process of releasing a new record, having been picked up by Boston-based management company, Theory Management. Keep an eye out for this band; they might be in your radar sooner than you know it!

For more information on XNY please visit their  Facebook.