By Bekka Collins

Car Party are a quartet of indie-pop talent hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Their sophomore album, High & Low Places was released August 3, 2011. Produced by Ace Enders this EP has received nothing but praise since its debut – and I can see why.

“Please Me (feat. Ace Enders)” is a little more than your usual generic pop song. Well executed, the lyrics are relatable, but not cheesy and fit well alongside the up tempo nature of the song. With strong vocals and an easy going melody this song is the perfect opener.

Chilling guitar riffs remain a prominent feature of “Forever Family”, and the drums also equally excel in keeping the track together. The vocals are more fast-paced and experiment with a general pop-vibe. Reminiscent of an early Mayday Parade, the bridge is the strongest part of this track with the unexpected gang vocals making an excellent twist.

Written from the perspective of a mother, “Dear Son” channels a strong mix of energy and emotion. This track definitely highlights the genuine musical talent this band holds, with an impressive range in guitar riffs, and once again hard-hitting drum beats that are essential within the song.

Ending the EP is “Anniversary”, which slows down the pace of the album down completely. Although mediocre at parts, this song still deserves praise for its controlled structure and soothing atmosphere. This is a very easy listening song. Despite ending the album on a slightly sad note, it fades out well.

Overall, High & Low Places is impressive for a sophomore release. Car Party have certainly demonstrated a good effort and have proved they have a knack for indie-pop songs. Even though the EP feels like it’s over just that little bit too soon, I think we can expect a promising future for Car Party.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: August 3, 2011
Record Label: None
Recommended Tracks: “Please Me” / “Dear Son”

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