By: Kristina Valentine

The Middle East isn’t a band that you are likely used to. Their EP has no flashy numbers, their lyrics don’t go for anything shocking, and there seems to be a consistency throughout their songs. If you are looking for an album to pop in the car for a fun night out you may want to look elsewhere. But, if you don’t mind spending a night in with good music and lyrics that actually make you think a bit, The Recordings Of The Middle East may be for you. This band from Australia may just be the best thing you have heard in a while.

The EP starts out with “The Darkest Side.” This track gives you a sense of what The Middle East is all about. It showcases their roots in folk and indie while making you instantly hooked on their almost hypnotizing sound.

“Lonely” is the defining track for this band. A packed seven and a half minutes, the song has time to slowly build into a ragged, beautiful thing. Forget all of the other indie bands trying to make it out there, this track puts The Middle East ahead of them.

It may sound cheesy, but I want to be laying in a meadow in the middle of July when listening to “Blood. Although the title may not suggest it, this track is a happy one with whistles and a beautiful harmony counterpart to the lead singer.

“Fools Gold” is one of those pure, raw songs. It screams basement recorded, but it also screams raw talent and an untouched passion. With a beautiful mix between the lead singer’s calm voice and a high female harmony, this song has something special about it.

“Beleriand” starts out heavy, but moves back into the euphoric sound The Middle East does so well. The song is rough at times but has some notable points.

The Recordings Of The Middle East is an EP worthy of being heard. It showcases the band’s talent and potential to become well-known. Although The Middle East isn’t original in their genre, they’re better than most trying to make it.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: October 27, 2009 (AUS), June 8, 2010 (US)
Record Label: Spunk Records
Recommended Tracks:Blood,” “Lonely”
For Fans Of: Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes