Interview By: Caitlin Smith

Interview With: Cameron Adler of Tonight Alive 

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, recent Fearless Records signees Tonight Alive are ready to take North America by storm with their newest album “What Are You So Scared Of?” With upcoming tour dates with Go Radio and There For Tomorrow and stints at SXSW and the Vans Warped Tour, the female-fronted band is poised to be pop/punk’s next sensation.

Get caught up on all of the band’s happenings below…

Caitlin Smith: Hello! Could you who quickly introduce yourself your role in Tonight Alive?

Cameron Adler: Cameron and I am the bassist.

C.S: It has only been a few months since Tonight Alive signed to Fearless Records. What has been the biggest change since signing to a label in the US? What made you decide to go with an indie label?

C.A: We always wanted to be on an indie in the US. Fearless shares the same goals as us and are committed to helping us do things in a territory we don’t know much about.

C.S: Your new album What Are You So Scared Of? is coming out soon! I received an advanced copy of it a few days ago and I love it. I seriously have not stopped listening to it. It was produced by Mark Trombino and he has worked with some pretty awesome bands like blink-182. What was it like getting to work with him?

C.A: Mark was sick. Pre-production with him was great. We worked through the songs and picked the best ones for the album. He pulled a great drum sound and took our sound to the next level.

C.S: You got to record a song with Mark Hoppus of blink-182. I am sure there are a lot of bands in this genre of music that would kill to be able to work with him. How did this come about?

C.A: Mark Hoppus’ involvement in the album was all Mark Trombino’s idea/doing. He suggested it to us and we could not even believe that was a possibility. I still cannot believe it happened.

C.S: Is there anyone else that you would love to do a song with that you have not had the chance to yet?

C.A: I want to have another girl do guest vocals on the next album – someone with a different voice to Jen. It would be sick to hear them sing together

C.S: Is there a particular song on the album that is your favorite or one that you are most excited for you fans to hear? 

C.A: “Amelia” and “Listening” are my favourites. They are great songs

C.S: The intro to “Breaking and Entering” is a perfect intro to What Are You So Scared Of? and the album as a whole all seems to go together so well. How would you describe the sound of this album to someone who has not listened to Tonight Alive before?

C.A: We have something for everyone. We are influenced by a lot of different music and it comes through in our show

C.S: Were there any songs that gave you trouble writing them, or trying to get them to sound the way you wanted them to?

C.A: Everything came together pretty easily to be honest. We worked hard to get the album to what it is, but I wouldn’t say there was any trouble

C.S: You guys are about to head out on tour with Go Radio! Being from Australia where you are used to being the headliner, is it strange coming to the US and being openers?

C.A: It is hard leaving our Aussie scene that we worked hard for and starting all over again, but we just keep having fun and love seeing this thing grow.

C.S: The cover of “Little Lion Man” you did for Punk Goes Pop 4 is probably my favorite cover on the entire album. It is so different from the original and those are pretty big shoes to fill. What made you choose to cover Mumford & Sons? Do you ever play it live?

C.A: We love that song. All of the other options we got were overplayed pop crap. I think Mumford were the only “band” on there, so we all wanted it. We have been playing it live on the UK Young Guns Tour and it goes off.

C.S: You have toured the US a few times but for fans who have yet to see you guys live, what is something that they should expect from your live show?

C.A: We keep it solid and fun! And don’t talk crap in between songs.

C.S: What is more important, the song you open with or the song you close with?

C.A: Close for sure. Finish big

C.S: You guys are going to be on the Vans Warped Tour this year. What do you expect?

C.A. I can’t wait! It’s gonna be shirts off, summer, friends, music, drinking and watching bands. Been a dream of mine since I joined my first band

C.S: Of the bands announced to play Warped Tour so far, are there any that you are most excited to see and tour with this summer?

C.A: I don’t remember who is playing, haha. I am going to try to watch everyone; soak it all in.

C.S: The music industry is predominately male, so being a female-fronted band do you ever find that you have to work harder to prove yourself? 

C.A: Nope. There has been a lot of great female-fronted bands in the past and it is great that we get to continue it. We are having no problems proving ourselves.

C.S: What do you think sets your music apart from other bands along the same genre or even other bands with female lead singers?

C.A: We are not trying to set ourselves apart. Just doing whatever we want and if people like it then great.

C.S. Thank you so much for doing this interview. Is there anything you would like to add or think the readers should know about Tonight Alive?

C.A: We are fuckin’ ambitious and we are gonna take this as far as we can.


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