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Interview By: Caitlin Smith

Orlando, Florida natives, Before You Exit, recently had the chance to sit down with Caitlin Smith on the Atlanta date of the All The Way Tour. See all of their silly antics, and find out what is like being so young and touring with bands such as Allstar Weekend and All Time Low.

Check out the video interview, full transcript and photo gallery below!

Full Interview Transcription:

Caitlin Smith: Hey! This is Caitlin with The Sound Alarm, and I am here in Atlanta, GA with the adorable boys from Before You Exit. How are y’all?
All: Good.
Thomas Silvers: I am trying to take a peek at the questions.
C.S: No! That’s cheating! Well, can you introduce yourselves and what you do in the band?
Braiden Wood: I am Braiden and I play guitar and sing.
Connor McDonough: I am Connor. I sing and play guitar.
Thomas: I am Thomas and I play drums.
Riley McDonough: I’m Riley and I play drums.
C.S: Two drummers? How fancy.
Riley: Just kidding. I sing and play bass.
C.S: Well, I figured we could start with some fun questions before going into the serious ones.
Connor: As long as they are a lot of fun.
C.S: Alright, who is the most vain?
Thomas: I will take it. I will take it.
Connor: I think we all have our days.
Riley: Thomas always looks perfect.
Thomas: Except for Braiden. Braiden never has vain days.
Braiden: I have my secret days.
C.S: Who talks to their parents the most on tour?
[All point to Connor]
Connor: Yeah, I will take that one. I call my parents after each show usually.
Riley: Total momma’s boy.
C.S: Who’s the best cook?
Thomas: Do Ramen Noodles count?
Connor: I don’t think any of us are good cooks…
Riley: We are all VERY good at going to fast food places.
Braiden: I can make cereal.
Thomas: I can grill but that’s about it.
Riley: I think I will give it to Braiden though because he has the food that eats all the time down. He knows exactly how long to microwave it, how to do everything to it. There’s Dino Oatmeal, Easy Mac and Chipotle.
C.S: Who has the most annoying ringtone?
Connor/Riley: Braiden!
Connor: His morning alarm is ridiculous. It is Stewie from Family Guy.
All: [impersonating ring tone]
Thomas: And it keeps going. He never wakes up.
C.S: Who is the hardest to wake up?
All: Braiden.
Thomas: This interview is all about Braiden.
C.S: Who is the most shy and most outgoing.
Thomas: Braiden is the most shy and the rest of us are pretty much equally outgoing.
C.S: Who is the smoothest talker with the ladies?
Braiden: Connor.
Riley: No way, Thomas.
Thomas: I vote me.
C.S: Who has the worst potty mouth?
Connor: I would probably say Thomas.
Thomas: On occasion. I mean I just say potty a lot.
C.S: If you could relive any day in 2011, what would it be?
Braiden: Playing in Milwaukee with All Time Low, Yellowcard and The Summer Set.
Thomas: I went to Vegas for my 18th birthday so that was a lot of fun.
Connor: I would probably say the day we wroteEnd Of The World.”
Riley: That is what I was going to say.
Thomas: I wasn’t there… That’s not fair. You guys weren’t in Vegas though. Hah. I like the All Time Low one though. That was a good day.
C.S: Well, how has this tour been going? You have this big fancy bus…
Thomas: Oh, this isn’t ours. This is Allstar Weekend’s crew bus. We are just borrowing it for this interview.
Connor: No this is our bus. We got this awesome deal on a bus and our parents didn’t want us driving out in the snow in the winter and everything but it has been an amazing experience.
C.S: Tell me about Before You Exit. Why should people listen to you guys?
Connor: It is pop rock. Four dudes. Fun. Upbeat.
Braiden:  You should listen to it because it is music.
Thomas: It goes really well on an iPod.
C.S: During your live show, what is more important, the opening song or the closing song?
Connor: Closing song.
Thomas: Ohh, I dunno. More important for people who have never seen us?
Connor: I like the closing song better…
Thomas: It isn’t about what you like, it is about what is more important. First impression or… I would have to say the first song is more important. The intro the first song all that, you walk out on stage, that is the most important.
Connor: Yeah I would say the first one.
Riley: I would say the last one. The first one you have the least potential to screw up. And people that haven’t heard of you might be into it by the end.
Connor: Yeah you gotta go out with a big bang.
Thomas: I pick both. Next question.
C.S: What is your favorite song to play live?
Thomas:  I think everyone likes to play “End Of The Worldright now.
Connor: Yeah. It is really fun to play and the crowd generally picks up on it and sings along.
C.S: What is happening next for you guys? What should fans look forward to?
Connor: ALBUM!
Riley: We are putting out our own line of cheese.
C.S: Line of cheese? That is exciting. I am lactose intolerant though…
Thomas: NO WAY! Me too!
Connor: If I was lactose intolerant I would just go stick my head in a hole.
Riley: But no, we just put out a brand new single called “End of the World” so check that out. What is next for us is going back into the studio, recording, touring.
Thomas: Make 2012 a good year.
[Series of high fives]
C.S: Alright, well thank you guys.

Before You Exit Photo Gallery:

All live photos taken by Caitlin Smith for The Sound Alarm.


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