Six Picks With: TJ Courtney

“Six Reasons Why The 90’s Rocked”

With a musical style that is often compared to some of the best sounds of the 90’s, TJ Courtney shares his six reasons why the 90’s rocked. With reasons ranging from the fanny pack to TRL to the looming end of the world with Y2K this six picks is a must read for any 90’s fan.

1. The Music – I am still addicted to 90’s music. Rock was able to be poppy or heavy while remaining visceral. What happened to all that angst? Rappers still had something to say. Pop songs were clever and distinctive. The production was just polished enough.

2. Y2K – With the Mayan’s using two-digit dates the threat of Y2K was looming due to computers using the same system. This was supposed to destroy the world, yet everyone was living life to the fullest and still are. Another calendar-related catastrophe is supposed to be the end of the world again. On a serious note, we got to live through the last decade of the second millennium, and that’s pretty cool.

3. The inter-what? For about half the decade most of us didn’t know about or care about the Internet. I remember in second grade I didn’t do my homework one week and on a quiz answered that the Internet was: d. a giant net in Indiana used by farmers to capture insects (or something to that effect). Then I went home and played Super Mario 3.

4. Total Request Live – No parent needed a babysitter after school – Carson Daily had them covered. I literally think I caught about 500 consecutive episodes, all the while fantasizing about making my own music video.

5. The Fanny Pack – For this brief period it was socially acceptable to wear a neon pink or green pouch around your waist and keep virtually anything in it. I’m thinking about starting a fanny pack revival and wearing one on stage.

6. The Economy – It was booming! The 90’s were home to the longest period of sustained growth in U.S. history. And the music industry was thriving. Everyone thought CD sales would continue to soar through the next decade and labels still took some risk on artists they believed in.

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