Six Picks With: The Hollows

“The Six Best Places To Get Coffee Before Morning Rehearsal In Brooklyn”

Coffee is an important part to The Hollows’ rehearsal process, as we usually meet a few times a week at 10:30am.  We have found over the years that the earlier we work, the more productive we can be.  Since all six of us pilgrimage from all over New York City to our rehearsal studio at The Music Garage in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, everyone’s habits for their morning caffeine fix are different.  Here are six places that you might bump into us while you’re in line for a latte.

Jeff’s Pick: Rabbit Hole (Bedford & South 4th).  A tiny oasis in an otherwise dismal stretch of road. The atmosphere is what brought me in the first time, with a heavy dark double drape shrouding the entrance, but the delicious coffee and gourmet foodstuffs keep me coming back. I usually am grabbing a joe to go, but when I have the time before or after rehearsal sitting in the back garden is a pleasant respite from the rest of the day.

Rob’s Pick: Gimme Coffee (North 6th & Roebling). The staff is friendly (I love getting called “darlin”), the music is spot-on (there really ought to be more coffee shops that play krautrock), and then there’s the coffee. Every day, Gimme offers several featured coffees from around the world. While iced coffee aficionados sometimes get the short end of the stick with only one brew option: not so at Gimme. Any featured coffee can be made into an iced brew. Gimme also champions the ingenious “Clever” pour over coffee system. It’s kind of like having a mini coffee pot made just for you.

Dave’s Pick: Black Brick (Bedford & South 1st).  Black Brick is a new spot which opened this year.  The interior is all repurposed wood from old shipping crates and stuff; it looks really cool.  Plus they’ve got one of those old-fashioned pull-chain toilets, which inexplicably increases my appreciation for the place.  Great Stumptown coffee, super-low prices, and a genuinely friendly and enthusiastic staff.  First time I was there, they had just run out of hot coffee and were brewing another pot– not a big deal; I don’t mind waiting a few minutes– but the barista asked if I wanted an espresso instead, so I said sure… and he insisted that it be on the house!  They usually have pretty good music playing, too.

Justin’s Pick: Pies n Thighs (Driggs & South 4th). This place is best known for their fried chicken– but they brew Oslo coffee fresh all the time, which makes it an easy spot to duck into for a cup of joe.  It’s right across the street from our rehearsal studio, so why go any further?  They also have a delicious selection of interesting homemade donuts.  Pistachio? Caramel?  Yes please.

Erik’s Pick: Champion Coffee (Manhattan & Clay in Greenpoint). For my dollar, this is absolutely my favorite coffee in the city.  I drive sometimes, which means that I can get to this remotely located gem at virtually the northernmost point in Brooklyn.  The baristas are always friendly, the atmosphere most relaxing, and the garden in the back will lure you into the laziest summer afternoon that one could ever want.  They also make only Americanos -no previously brewed coffee here.  Hot or cold, it’s pulled to order from their Faema Legend 60 espresso machine.

DK’s Pick: Outpost Coffee (Fulton & Downing in Clinton Hill).  Their regular coffee is super strong, and yet smooth as a fresh water stream.  Incredible decor inside, with long wooden floors and interesting furniture with a backyard decked out with greenery and wicker arches.  The staff is super sweet: young, with a mix of hipster nerd, punk rock and Brooklyn biker, but all just flat out nice people.  There is awesome music every time I am in there, from Hank Williams to Bjork.  It’s been my favorite place to get coffee for five years running.  Also, they now have a great beer selection if you feel like skipping the coffee and making the move on happy hour early.


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