Six Picks With: PK

“Six Best Songs For Summertime”

Now that the warm weather is here and it stays lighter out later into the evening, it’s time to start crafting summer playlists. We asked California natives, PK, to share their selections for best songs of the summer. While no tracks for their newly released The Lost Boy Sessions graces the list, we hope at least one song will be on your playlist.

1. “Nightcall” by Kavinsky – Best summer night driving song hands down. Makes us want to chew on a toothpicks and race cops.
2. “Lean into the Fall” by Mona – This band just released their CD in the US, so finally a good youthful rock album.  This song hooks you right through the mouth on the second listen through.
3. “Movin Right Along” by  Alkaline Trio – This song is basically about what we do all the time and it was originally written by our two favorite Muppets; Kermit and Fozzy.  It’s been on permanent rotation on our driving playlist.
4. “Make a Beast of Myself” by Twin Atlantic – We were fortunate enough to tour with these fine Scottish gentlemen in the spring.  Not only are they phenomenal musicians, they’re also great guys.  We also unanimously really like the way he says “Universe”.
5. “Fall Hard” by Shout Out Louds – Good feeling mellow summer song, reminds us of 70’s talk shows.
6. “Blue Highway
” by Billy Idol – Billy Idol is in his 50’s and still rocks all over the world.  Some people argue with us and call him a sellout but we imagine him flipping those people off in leather gloves on an expensive motorcycle.

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