By Mark MacLeod

To Speak Of Wolves is a band hungry like a wolf to say the least when it comes to music. They were founded in 2007, releasing their first full length album titled Myself < Letting Go in 2010. Their second full length album titled Find Your Worth, Come Home, is a force to be reckoned with. Using music as their weapon, they aim to express their passions and way of thinking through their musical abilities. The five peace band from North Carolina has already toured with the likes of Underoath, August Burns Red, and Trivium. Even with their drummers family ties to Underoath, the band has humbly taken the self reliant route, proving their passion for the music even more.

The album kicks off with a track called “Hivemind”. This masterful track covers it all with heavy guitar, growling vocals, and skillful drum parts. The drums pound away like a heart beat during a chaotic middle song break, with humming vocals to make one wonder what’s going to happen next. The songs abrupt ending leaves you stunned and ready for more.

“Stand Alone Complex” is my favorite song from this album. Right from the get go, this song had me. A high pitched, eerie guitar leads the rest of the song into the abyss. This song seamlessly blends its different parts together, making this a unique and strong song. Oh life how could you be so cruel to me? / cut me some slack / and I’ll pick up everything I lack / if you`d grant me this strength/ then I’ll return it to you / by a thousand fold / a thousand fold.” A slower guitar silhouettes against the strong lyrics. This part leads into a triumphant choir with screams to match.

Having a hard time standing on its own is track “Broken Birds”. While there’s nothing horrible about it, the track doesn’t stand out as much as the stronger tracks on the album. The song has so many different parts to it, that as soon as you settle into a section, it changes. The lyrics are the best part of this song. “Just keep in mind hope is always in eye / there is love in the depths/ you feel the Devils breath / I still see you wrapped in the glow / you are the tide beckons me slow.”
“A Simple Thought That Changed The World” takes a very different turn then the albums initial direction. The song breaks down each instrument, simplifying everything to put emphasis on the blaring vocals. The melodic gang style vocals make this song strong.

Standing out is “Nostalgia Seeds”.  In this music genre, many bands play it safe with their sound. To Speak Of Wolves hasn’t done that with this song. The drums are very unique, sounding like a beating tambourine. This plethora of sounds is tied in with a range of vocals and heavy guitar. The song provides uneasy breaks leading into more madness.

Be prepared to be intrigued by “Oregon”. It almost starts out too slow, but quickly blends into a melodic section that settles you. Background noises make you feel uneasy in a good way. As the singer belts out his ballad, the band continues on with amazing background noises, to add to the feel of the tune.

Overall To Speak Of Wolves has produced a very unique album. It’s very easy to fall into the normal path that other post hardcore bands have, but they haven’t bowed down to that. They dared to be creative, and try different sounds and musical elements, that for the most part really work. This album is an improvement from their last album, Myself < Letting Go. I’m excited to see the progression of this band as they continue down their musical journey.

Rating: 9/10

Release Date: May 14, 2012

Record Label: Solid State Records

Recommended Tracks: “Hivemind”, “Nostalgia Seeds”, and “Oregon”

For Fans Of: Underoath, Trivium, Norma Jean, and The Chariot

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