By Mark MacLeod

Through the history of music we have learned that many great acts come from outside America, the band Avastera is no exception. The dynamic band from Australia has found a nice niche in the American music scene. Their refined sound has landed them upcoming gigs with bands The Maine, Mayday Parade, and The Wonder Years. The bands inception was in 2011 through an online music forum. After lots of refining, the EP The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long was released.

The EP starts out with a fast pace track titled “Hear Me Out”. Right from the beginning one will notice how clean everything sounds. Each instrument has its own clear voice, but still manages to blend together to form a musical milkshake. This track pounds out some fast drums, with heart wrenching crash cymbals in between. The guitar is a fusion of styles. You can here some NOFX style riffs, mixed with brighter guitar melodies. If that’s not enough for you, The melodic vocals are awesome as well.

Fans of Chiodos will appreciate the intro to trackAs The Tables Turn. A fast paced, melodic piano overrides a thunderous guitar. The song quickly mellows out to an upbeat swing. This song beautifully morphs back and forth between the softer and heavier side of music. The growl of the singer will give you chills. It takes a huge amount of talent to blend the opposing sounds together, and Avastera did it with ease.

If you’re looking for heartfelt music, the song “December Sun” won’t disappoint you. The band decided to make a music video for this song, and might I say it adds well to the theme of the song. Many bands write love songs but with lyrics like  “Therefore this I know/ By day or night/ By drunk or sober/ I was born for you”, make this track about passion not love.

“This Beautiful Nightmare” is another good track on the EP. The heavy vocals make a return, used as emphasis. It’s incredible how the band blended finger tapping guitar melodies, to such soothing vocals. All the while, the drummer shows solid technique, with fun fillers.

“Ms. Conception” only adds to this already mystical EP. The song has an interesting breakdown, one of the lightest I’ve heard. The double base sound makes it’s first real appearance as well. Although this song isn’t as different from the last track, it still shows incredible musicianship.

The last song on the EP is an acoustic version of “December Sun”. It was a very smart move to do an electric and acoustic version of this song. The track has a lot of life, and hearing it acoustic was refreshing. The electric version allows the band to show their technique and showcase all the instruments. The acoustic song allows us to hear it more stripped down. Multiple vocal ranges are featured, with an awesome guitar to lead on. Towards the end other instruments like a synth add to the tracks smoothness.

Avastera has put out an awesome EP. Their goal of moving to the United States and making big moves in the music business are definitely reachable. The band has an incredible sound that is up with the big boys. I suggest you pick up this EP if you’re looking for a technical, beautiful, soulful, and heavy listen. This EP truly covers all the bases.

Rating: 10/10

Release Date: May 3, 2012

Record Label: Unsigned

Recommended Tracks: “Hear Me Out” “The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long” “December Sun”

For Fans Of: Chiodos, Silverstein, A Day To Remember, Yellowcard

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