By Mark MacLeod

Sometimes greatness comes from the places you least expect it. When one thinks of Minneapolis, the last thing that comes to mind is a vibrant music scene but The Farewell Circuit proves this wrong. The band has been a group since 2004, and has just released a full-length album called In Our Bones, produced by Brett Bullion. By solidifying the basic techniques of the genre with their own spin The Farewell Circuit has a very well assembled album.

The second track on the album titled “Make It Right” is very unique. It begins with a drum pattern that resembles one you might hear from a street performer. Many different sounds went into the drums, with very few cymbal breaks. The unique mixture of drum sounds adds a level of depth to the music, which leads well into the remaining track. The melodies slowly lead into the music. Producer Brett Bullion plays synth on this track and does an amazing job of complimenting the guitar and bass.The song is comprised of so many different sounds that fuse together, creating music that is just something different.

The track titled “Guard” won’t disappoint the fans of a good melody. The song begins with a very chipper, upbeat guitar. The singer, Danny O’Brien, slowly works his magic into the track. As the guitar and vocals shift into one, the rest of the group powers into the song. This song is strong and melodic, proving you don’t need to be screaming in order to get your point across.

KDL”, will confuse you at first, but leave you happy. Many of the bands songs begin with rising ambient noises but eventually the noises let into the song. “KDL” never breaks into a song, it just continues with the noise. The sounds reminded me of a choir of chimes blowing in the wind. It was a soothing break to the structure of a normal song.

One of the most memorable tracks of the album is “The Light”. The base and drums beat together, allowing Danny O’Brien to tell his tale without interruption. The most memorable part of the song is the DJ House bending the guitar.  In between each patch of lyric, is a string-bending guitar. The song has an awesome sound, and will be remembered by its listeners.

“Exodus” explores new sounds. The beginning beat is an example of classic form, with a new twist. Geoff Hartnell acts as a human metronome. It leads back to the classic indie style this band has solidified. The crunchy classic rock sound, adds raw power and emotion to this song. This band has managed to take simple sounds and techniques, but export them in a clean, creative way.

The album ends with “In Our Bones (Pick Up A Plow)”. This song is just a more technical version of the first track of the album. The structure is the same, with added reverb and extra guitar. It ties the album together very nicely, and doesn’t overwhelm the listener with an obnoxious banger of a finale. The band eases you into this album, and eases you out of it without skipping a beat.

The Farewell Circuit has put together a very impressive piece of work. With so many artists in every genre it’s hard for artists to stand out. While many would aim for over the top effects and instrument playing, The Farewell Circuit kept it simple. By sticking to the basic principles of album structure and tossing in a few of their own personal touches along the way. In Our Bones shows there are great things to come for this band.

Rating: 9/10

Release Date: May 23, 2012

Record Label: Princess Records

Recommended Tracks: “Guard”, “KDL”, “The Light”

For Fans Of: MGMT, Ben Howard, Coldplay

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