Six Picks With: The Ugly Club

“Six Reasons To Give Your Music Away”

As technology advances the way we share music keeps on changing. Now instead of heading out to CD stores on release day you can download music straight from home. With more and more artists competing for space on your iTunes it’s hard to choose which ones to buy. Which is why many artists, like The Ugly Club, have begun giving their music away in an effort to win fans over first then ask for money later. The Ugly Club shares with us six reasons why artists should considering giving their music away.

1. Ditch Your Old Ways: Many of us grew up in a different time for being in a band.  In all areas of the music industry, whether it be publicity, booking, or management, we’re seeing people young and old hesitant to embrace new trends in music distribution.  Really ask yourself how people are finding and sharing music and make sure you are in that pool!

2. Sharing Is Caring: I don’t know about other artists out there, but I personally have always created music with the intention of sharing it with other people.  I love making people happy through the music I write or create with the band and that is on top of my priority list.  I am always thinking of creative ways to make money with our music but I care most about reaching listeners and turning them onto The Ugly Club.

3. Good Karma: I wouldn’t be writing about this topic if we hadn’t personally had positive experiences giving our music away.  Since our band started, we’ve had music online for free including our last EP, Visions of Tall Girl which, thanks to free distribution on various different online networks, surpassed 100k downloads worldwide.  When it came time for our fans to support our band financially, they went above and beyond by funding our Kickstarter project 216%.  We asked them for $3,000 to record & release our new album and we ended up with $6,500!

4. Radiohead Did It: Well, sort of.  With innovators like Trent Reznor & Radiohead revolutionizing the way music is marketed and sold, I think that is reason enough to take a page from their book.  The old model for selling records has been a thing of the past for some time now and it’s up to artists to do what they do best and find creative new ways to reach the masses with their music.

5. Build Your Network: When you’re trying to build a fan base and network in the early stages of your band, selling records or songs should not be your utmost concern.  Sometimes it takes years of playing shows and giving out music before your email list has grown to the thousands and your concerts are sold out.  Work on getting people through the door and making your band a household name, and then ask for money.

6. Don’t Worry So Much: Think about the ways the industry has changed in the past 5 years alone.  If you are completely opposed to the concept of free music and piracy, don’t worry, it won’t last forever.  Just as this new wave of online music sharing has taken over, another trend will present itself in time.  It is our job to figure out how to work and stay relevant in all climates and prepare for the next shift.  Don’t forget why you love making music and get it to the people by any means necessary!


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