Interview with Micaiah Walker of The Anthem

Interview by Kayley Guyette

When mentioning VerseCity to a The Sound Alarm reader it will almost always cause a spark of recognition to form, if not more. So we are pleased to announce some great news regarding VerseCity. They have recently changed their name to The Anthem and signed with Foundation Recordings. To celebrate the great news and to find out the future plans for The Anthem, The Sound Alarm Co-Founder/Editor Kayley Guyette chats with one of The Sound Alarm’s favorite artists.

Kayley Guyette: Our readers know you guys as VerseCity, what prompted the name change?
Micaiah Walker: VerseCity was at a standstill when Foundation came to us with a project for us to try. They talked to us about making some changes to the VerseCity sound to try something new. When we decided to go through with the project, we also decided to start over with a clean slate.

KG: With the name change are you going to change your sound or do you plan to be the same VerseCity but with a new name?
MW: As VerseCity we had done a lot, but as The Anthem we plan to do even more! The Anthem is a FRESH START. New sound, new look and new name. We’re excited!

KG: You guys recently signed with Foundation Recordings, congratulations by the way, are you excited about the signing?
Thanks! We are super pumped! Foundation Recordings is owned by Alex Chavez, the son of music mogul Charles Chavez. We truly believe the company has what it takes to get us to the next level and they believe we have the talent to be stars with big pop hits. It’s a nice goal, and we’re happy with our humble beginnings, but everyone has those dreams of being a rock star!

KG: Your first single as The Anthem, “Out of Our Heads”, was just released how does it compare to your first single as VerseCity?
It doesn’t really compare at all, haha. One good thing about starting fresh is that we can carry over all the experience we gained while playing as VerseCity into our new project. When we started VerseCity, we were all babies, some of us still in high school! Now, we have the opportunity to start fresh with over four years of experience under our belts. We went into the studio with that same experience. The result is that the production and quality of our new single “Out of Our Heads” is miles above our first single as VerseCity.

KG: There’s also an official music video for “Out of Our Heads” and there looks like there was a lot of fun to be had with the confetti, how was filming it?
It was as fun as it looks! That house was wrecked for weeks. We filmed it while actually having a party going on. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out.
KG: For those who want to see the video you can check it out at the bottom of the interview.

KG: What does the near future hold for The Anthem plans to put a new record out? Touring?
Yesterday we signed on with worldwide talent/booking agency CAA. So touring will definitely be a big part of our future, but until then it’s all about building our online fan base. VerseCity’s social media network had a reach of over five thousand people, and now we’re starting over and trying to rebuild our network. Our new single has already gained some radio spins in different cities around the US so hopefully that will continue to pick up and we’ll keep rolling. We’re writing everyday and as all the pieces fall into place, an album will come.

KG: Anything else you’d like to add?
We’re a brand new group and so we greatly appreciate any and all support from our fans. Big thanks to anyone helping us share our music, working on promotion, artwork, photos, merch, and everything else. If you are interested in getting involved with our street team, email


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Check out the video for “Out of Our Heads”