By: Bekka Collins

Bekka Collins got a chance to chat with Josh from the one man band Sail by the Stars. Discussed in the interview is the transition from five members to one, inspiration for lyrics, an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know about Josh, and much more!

Bekka: Could you start by stating your name and telling us a little bit about how Sail by the Stars got started?

Josh: My Name is Josh, and I play all of the instruments in Sail by the Stars. Sail by the Stars started in the summer of ’08 as an outlet for me to get some songs in my head out, while without a band.

Bekka: Is there any meaning behind the name Sail by the Stars?

Josh: There is, it really has a lot to do with my belief that everything happens for a reason, that there’s a plan for everyone. I find myself staring at the night sky a lot, wondering what my plan is.

Bekka: How was the experience of going from a 5 man to a one man band, and which do you prefer?

Josh: Well, the project started out as a one man band. I brought in a few people to help me out for a bit, but they kind of all went back to their own things. I much prefer a one man band, to be completely honest.

Bekka: Since you write and record all of the instruments, what is your favourite instrument to play?

Josh: My favorite instrument to play, would definitely be drums. It’s probably the one that i’m the worst at, but it’s definitely the most fun!

Bekka: How would you personally describe your sound?

Josh: I would say that my sound is sunny pop-rock inspired by 90s bands blended with some mid ’00s pop punk influences? maybe? haha. Just check it for yourself, and make your own assessment.

Bekka: Do you think there’s anything that makes you different to other solo artists?

Josh: Well, between myself and “solo artists” I think I have a distinct advantage in the fact that I write, record, play, everything myself. A lot of solo artists have studio musicians and things help them out. I’m more of a one man band. =]

Bekka: Lyrically, where did you get the inspiration to create your latest EP, The Night Owl ?

Josh: I like staying up late at night. I don’t like sleeping, most of the time I can’t sleep, because my mind is racing, and I’m wishing I could be spending time being productive. So I wrote some songs about it.

Bekka: What can fans expect from The Night Owl ?

Josh: Fans can expect songs that are fun to jam out to on car-rides on late summer nights.

Bekka: How do you typically write a song? What usually comes first the lyrics or the music?

Josh: The music absolutely comes first for me. I’m not sure why. I need to know where to sew lyrics and melodies in I guess, so those usually come later.

Bekka: Out of all the songs you’ve ever wrote, which would you say is your favourite and why?

Josh: Man, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child or something. Darn near impossible. It’s too hard to pick, honestly!

Bekka: What is one song you wish you had written?

Josh: One song I wish I’d written, would be by “Best of Me” by The Starting Line. It hit me in such a way when I first heard it…that it’ll never be able to recreated.

Bekka: What is one thing most people probably don’t know about you?

Josh: I have a double uvula. Most people don’t know that. You know the hangy ball in the back of my throat? Yeah. Two of em. Crazy, huh?

Bekka: When it comes to playing shows do you have a live band?

Josh: Sometimes I play acoustic, other times people will help me out.

Bekka: What do you think the best and worst things are about touring?

Josh: The best things are being in a new town every night. Getting to meet and hang with new people. I absolutely LOVE traveling.

The worst things are being away from the people you love, never being clean, and it can be terrible on your back.

Bekka: What would be your dream line-up?

Josh: The Starting Line, The Early November, Fall out Boy, Copeland and Queen. Man all of those bands are done making music. Bummer city.

Bekka: What do you hope to achieve within the next few years?

Josh: WORLD DOMINATION. Kidding. Sort of. I’d like to be able to put myself in a position where i’m doing OK enough to support a family.

Bekka: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Josh: Thank you so much to Bekka and The Sound Alarm for this interview, and their continued support of me! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!