By: Robert Carey Peterson


Before he went by Kenneth Vasoli, and before AJ Perdomo and John O’Callaghan were compared to him, Kenny dyed his hair blonde, wore a really tight tshirt, and sang his heart out. Okay…I suppose he hasn’t really stopped singing his heart out, but the situation is a little different. Back when this album came out, The Starting Line had something to prove. Maybe you’ve heard of the band, but if not you should check out their album Say It Like You Mean It. It changed my life.

Background Info On The Album:

Say It Like You Mean It was released on July 16, 2002 as The Starting Line’s debut full length on Drive-Thru Records (I know, I already covered a Drive-Thru band…give me a break, I love the glory days).  You might know this album simply because of the break-out single “Best of Me” which the band shot a video for slightly satirizing the John Cusack film Say Anything. What you might not realize about this album is that a very rare limited edition was released featuring Jamison Covington of the band JamisonParker. Also, Nate Barcalow of the band Finch and Keith Goodwin of the band Days Away (both GREAT bands to look up) provided back up vocals on the album.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to say that The Starting Line haven’t done something great with their career so far. Most bands are lucky to write even one song that people remember fondly. The Starting Line have an entire album of songs that people reminisce about, and it’s almost a decade old. Now go out, listen to this record, and think about a time before Pete Wentz was a household name.