By: Anthony Polanco

Not often do we find a band like VersaEmerge. I found out about these guys (and gal) a few years ago, via a tour flier with some mutual buddy-bands. They’re a very aesthetically pleasing package, and amazing musicians and composers; however, they face a tough challenge: To shine unique following the career of the explosively-successful, also female fronted band, Paramore.

Their latest release, Fixed at Zero, is to say the least, a step above the rest; suffice to say, this album is definitely high-energy. It was released June 22, and the word is spreading like a wildfire; VersaEmerge is ready for the big leagues. Like prior work from VersaEmerge, musicianship is the key in this flawless package of songs. The way the band manipulates dynamics and tempo to fuse so much style and mood into the composition is very impressive to hear from such a young group of musicians. Every song has a different take and story; from epic ballads riddled with beautiful, impressive vocals in songs like “Up There,” to musically complex and varying styled songs like “Mind Reader” and “Fire.”

Beginning to end, this album is something special. Sierra Kusterbeck is an amazing vocalist, with a lot of creativity and style behind her sterling beauty. Combined with the creative, mature guitar work and drumming, this team is the tightest I’ve ever seen them; with only the top of the charts in sight.

There’s not much I can say, besides this: If you enjoy good music, put this album to the test. The first song; the first thirty seconds even, will have you hooked in for the ride to the end. I give it an 8/10, for its arsenal of immaculate songs; with room for improvement in overall recording package. I have been made a believer that VersaEmerge is ready to be considered among the same rank as big brother (and sister) bands like Paramore, Circa Survive, and the like. I will be in front of the stage, shouting their lyrics back at them at the Vans Warped Tour, and can’t wait to see them perform in the future. These guys have a very bright future in the music industry, and it couldn’t be more relevant in this release, Fixed at Zero.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Record Label: Fueled By Ramen
Recommended Tracks: “Fire” // “Mind Reader” // “Figure it Out”
For Fans Of: Paramore, Circa Survive, Pierce the Veil
Twitter: @versaemerge
Purchase: iTunes, Target