Six Favorite Places To Eat On Tour

with Thieves and Villains

As Answered By: Sergio Otaegui (vocals/guitar)

As touring bands spend most of their time on the road, good, home-cooked meals usually are replaced in the diet with fast food. Sure, there’s the usual suspects of McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, etc., but those meals can get old fast. We decided to get some recommendations and ask Victory Records band Thieves and Villains what places they most enjoy stopping at to eat.

1) Del Taco – It’s like a way more delicious West Coast only version of Taco Bell. It’s cheap and the food is actually really fresh. Plus the “Del Inferno Sauce” is ACTUALLY hot unlike Taco Bell’s “Fire Sauce.”

2) In-N-Out – This is the first place we hit as soon as we get to the West Coast. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t indulge in the burgers, but that’s fine because I absolutely love their Grilled Cheese. It’s on the “secret menu” along with Animal Fries which are amazing. They cover em in cheese, dressing, & carmalized onions. This place may be the norm for people on the left coast but to us New Yorker’s it’s always an experience.

3) Jimboys Taco’s
– This spot is supposedly a chain, but the only one we’ve ever seen is in Reno, NV and we hit it everytime we’re here. It’s cheap and absolutely EVERYTHING on the menu is amazing. The burritos are huge and awesome and the tacos come covered with a lil Parmesan cheese that just makes em awesome. Staff is always really cool and the food comes out near immediately. It’s really got that mom & pop feel too.

4) Chicago Foods – We always hit this up when we’re in Chicago. It’s a reallyyy cheap place that does the whole like fries/pizza/burgers/mozzarella sticks type thing. They just give you a big basket of food with fries and a can of soda for like $3..its dope.

5) Sheetz
– We LOVE Sheetz. It’s a gas station/touch screen food ordering place that they have mainly in PA. Everything there is awesome and we love the convenience of touch screen ordering. Our first show was in Altoona, PA and afterwards we went to a Sheetz….it’s been love at first sight ever since.

6) WaWa
– WaWa is a lot like Sheetz except it isn’t a gas station and these are based out of NJ. We love the easy touch screen ordering and the little macaroni/potato salad sides. Anytime we’re in Jersey we make sure to get down.

Thieves and Villains is currently on tour in support of their upcoming release “South America,” which hits stores August 3rd. Head over to to hear the single “Virginia Woolf” and check tour dates to see when they’ll be in your town!.