Emily Kaufman: Hi, I’m Emily from The Sound Alarm and I’m here with,

Devin: I’m Devin Oliver.

Zach: And I’m Zach Johnson from I See Stars.

Emily: How’s your first Warped Tour been so far?

Devin: It’s really good. We’re only on half of it, so it’s coming towards the end, but it’s fun.

Emily: Zach, you recently rejoined the band. How did that come about and how’re you feeling about it?

Zach: Basically there was a mutual separation of Chris and the band and I was the only person who really knew all the parts, because it happened right before Warped Tour; so they hit me up and I joined for good. I’m so excited and happy.

Devin: Yeah, he’s on the record.

Emily: So you guys are some of the youngest people on Warped Tour. How have people been treating you and how do you feel?

Devin: Pretty much the same. I don’t think that there’s really any stereotyping too much going on at Warped Tour.

Zach: Everybody’s chill.

Devin: It’s not like age is really based off what you can and can’t do. Everyone kinda hangs out. We get treated the same as the next person. I mean, it’s cool! I like being the youngest person on Warped Tour.

Emily: It’s a feat in itself.

Devin: Oh yeah, it’s definitely a little advantage we have.

Zach: I love it because really everyone that has been on the tour before, they all give really good advice and let us know like how to stay healthy and stuff on tour, so it’s really helpful.

Emily: Do you have any favorite bands to watch?

Zach: Personally, my favorite band to watch probably is Enter Shikari. I’ve always been a fan of them since like before they blew up and stuff. I like to watch them because they have a really hype set.

Devin: I’m trying to watch every single band that I can. So far I’ve seen Mayday Parade, Rocket Summer, Emmure, Enter Shikari, All-American Rejects… I try to seriously catch as many bands as I can every day.

Emily: What do you guys do on your days off?

Zach: Hotel it up.

Devin: Yeah, yesterday was a day off so we just got a hotel, got drunk.

Zach: We wash laundry, take showers, because we barely ever do that.

Devin: We clean up, and then we party, and then we clean up again.

Emily: This is your last week on Warped, right? Do you have any plans to go out with a bang?

Devin: Yeah, on the last day of Warped Tour we’re gonna play naked.

Emily: You hear that girls? They’re gonna play naked.

Zach: I was thinking maybe more like loin cloths, but then we decided “forget it.” Maybe body paint! We should hit up the body paint tent and just all body paint it up.

Devin: We’re gonna paint our bodies as a tuxedo, but we’re just afraid that when we sweat, the paint’s gonna run and everyone’s gonna see our, uh…

Zach: That’s not really gonna happen, but [inaudible].

Devin: We’re gonna play good shows, hopefully.

Emily: Do you have any tour plans for after Warped?

Devin: No. We’re finishing up our next record. That’s pretty much the only plan we have for I See Stars.

Emily: When is that planned to be coming out?

Devin: Hopefully late this year or early next year. There’s not a real set date yet. We’re still working on it, it’s still really rough. Like, we know what it’s gonna sound like, but if you listen to it right now you’d just be like, “yeah, they still definitely have a lot of work to do” but the ideas and songs are all there. We’re excited to piece it together after this tour.

Emily: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Devin: Come watch us. It’s our last week for Warped Tour. Come hang out with us at any shows if we’re around, especially Boston, today was really sweet, I know a lot of bands got great responses all day. Keep a look out for some new stuff.

Zach: Ditto.

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