By Jordyn Borczon, Guest Writer

1. Go to college and get a degree in marketing, business, journalism, new media, pretty much anything!  One thing I learned is that it didn’t really matter what I got my college degree in, PR is all learned by doing – BUT it is important to go to school and get that degree under your belt.

2. INTERN INTERN INTERN.  You are going to have to put in your dues – and interning is the best way to do it.  Interning your last semester or two of college is great, because often you can get school credit – and you are gaining experience (and possibly land a job with the company you are working for when you graduate.)  Working for free sucks, but it is the best way to get your foot in the door!  Put it in the work and it will pay off later.

3. Network and get to know as many people as you can – whether it be managers, booking agents, writers, photographers, bands, lawyers, etc.  You can never know TOO many people (no matter how big or how small they are in the biz) and at the end of the day the entertainment world is very very small.  Being a social butterfly and personable is key!

4. Perfect your writing.  Publicists write pitches, press releases, hundreds of emails a day, and more – so your writing skills are very important to this job.  If you are not a strong writer – this may not be the best job for you!

5. Always be ready to go above and beyond for your clients, or for whomever you are working for.  Publicity is not a 9-5 job, it is 24 hours a day and you have to be prepared to be on call not only Monday through Friday but nights and weekends too.  The best publicists are the ones who know what is happening with all their clients, at all times.

6. Learn to apply your public relations skills to numerous outlets.  Meaning, if you know how to do PR for music, you can apply that knowledge of PR for talent, or for a business, or for a lifestyle client.  Never shut out any opportunities – always look for new ventures, ideas, and ways of doing things.  The publicity world is changing quickly with new media and the Internet, make sure you are aware of everything happening around you and that you are willing to adapt to these changes!

As President of Persona PR, Jordyn Borczon began her career in publicity working with a boutique public relations firm based in the Los Angeles area in 2006.  She recently launched her own company, Persona PR, bringing with her a select group of nationally and internationally recognized music clients, top television and film actors, EMMY award winning below-the-line talent, and more.

As a graduate of California State University Northridge with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film with an emphasis in Electronic Media Management, Jordyn studied various elements in the entertainment industry that gave her a vast knowledge useful to public relations such as: television production, broadcasting, electronic media systems, media management, the design of the media message, audience analysis, mass communication research, international broadcasting, new media, and more.

Prior to working in public relations, Jordyn worked in the music industry with companies such as Red Van Pictures and London Alley Entertainment, and with artists such as Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Tyga, New Years Day, Project 86, The Rocket Summer, Norglen, and more.  She garnered numerous relationships with managers, booking agents, and labels that have proven to be essential to her work in publicity.  To keep up to date on Persona PR’s clients and for additional information on the firm, please visit Persona’s Official Site.  You can also find the company on Facebook.

The Sound Alarm would like to thank Jordyn for taking the time to share her advice!