Six Picks

with Phone Calls From Home

There are a lot of excuses a band could make for not staying in shape on tour. Long drives, lack of healthy food, not enough free time, free booze and/or junk food at the venues, etc. Red Blue Records band Phone Calls From Home offer some advice on ways they have found to still stay in shape while on tour. You can even join in on the fun!

Six Ways To Stay In Shape On Tour:

“On tour, you know… We sit in a van for 6-8 hours a day doing nothing. So when we get the chance to stretch our legs we like to play soccer, basketball, or volleyball. At the end, we always make the losing team do sit-ups and push-ups to make it more competitive. We also love to swim any chance we get, and we try to eat healthy most of the time. So… if we’re playing a show near you feel free to check the closest field or court for us and join in. But be prepared to face the consequences.”

While touring with bands like Forever The Sickest Kids, Every Avenue, Valencia, and Cash Cash over the past few years, Phone Calls From Home has released a self-titled EP, and full-length album “Connected,” along with “Connected: Deluxe Edition and Connected: Deluxe Edition – ACOUSTIC.” For the latest updates and tour information visit or