By: Bekka Collins

I’d like you to meet one of the newest up-and-coming bands, hailing from Freehold, New Jersey – Love Isla. Although this five-piece made up of Cory Fisher (guitar), Gunnar Arcoleo (bass,keys), Roger Wuy (drums) and dual vocalists Tim Montalvo and Alexandra Tritto are new to the music scene, they are definitely proving that they are worthy of attention with their catchy tracks and strong determination to succeed.

With inspiration ranging from the likes of rock to jazz and promising musical abilities from all members involved, it is safe to say we are looking at a promising band. With the help of Tim’s previous experience as front man in a number of other bands and Alexandra’s classically trained theatre background, it is difficult to see where they could possibly go wrong!

Spending the last year and a half hard at work, Love Isla have managed to create a local buzz about themselves in the Tri-State area by playing local shows and sharing the stage with popular acts such as Hotspur and The Right Coast. They have also just recently finished recording their self-titled debut EP which is available as a hard copy and on iTunes.

If you’re interested in hearing a teaser you can visit their MySpace to check out “Before You Go” and “This House, Not So Empty,” as both tracks are featured on the EP. I definitely recommend checking those out, as you’ll be left wanting more after the first listen!

It’s obvious to anyone that this band has massive potential to go far in this industry, and if the past year is any indication, this extremely hard working crew will continue to garner even more respect in the music scene.

As a new listener, I can tell you now that I am hooked on this band already and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us all.

Keep an eye out to see our review of their self-titled debut EP – Coming Soon!

To learn more about Love Isla please visit:

Twitter: @loveislarock