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Six Reasons To Love/Hate Having Twins In A Band

According to Wikipedia, Twins are estimated to be approximately 1.9% of the world population and the twin birth rate in the U.S.A. is slightly above 32 twin live births per 1,000 live births. In other words, the odds of having twins is slim. It is even rarer to find a great up-and-coming band, such as Orlando’s Savannah, with a set of Twins in the band. We decided to ask Savannah why they love/hate having Twins in their band!

From the twins, Warren & James:

Reasons why I love having twins in the band:

1. When the music isn’t working out, you can always blame the guy that looks like you.

2. There is NEVER any sugarcoating when you need real critiquing.

3. There’s always someone else around to help move the drumset.

Reasons why I hate having twins in the band:

1. We get asked “Hey, are you guys twins?” everyday of our lives.

2. People get you confused on a regular basis, we’ve each learned to go by both names.

3. People treat us more like a commodity or a circus act the second they realize we’re twins.  From that point on, that’s all they care about.

From the non-twin, Colin:

Reasons why I love having twins in the band:

1. It was a package deal. When I found one musician, he came with another, and that made my life much easier.

2. I am in a band with two guys I know are as equally passionate about music as each other, and we all share the same hopes for the band.

3. Have you ever seen someone kick their own ass? Me neither, but seeing them fight once was pretty damn near close. (And it was awesome)

Reasons why I hate having twins in the band:

1. It becomes the center point of every conversation we have with anyone about the band.

2. They tend to agree with a lot of the same things, so it’s always 2 vs. 1.

3. I hate that they aren’t conjoined. That would have been much cooler.


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