Six Picks With Jon Sandler

Six Reasons why I Can’t Wait To Get Out Touring

1. I love New York City, I’ve lived and performed here for about 5 years, playing over 100 shows at about 20 different venues.  It’s like my favorite old shirt… but it’s still awesome to get a new shirt.  I can’t wait to get some new shirts.

2. We just completed our new EP The Fancy Band.  The songs all mean a lot to me, and are, if I must say so myself, “fancy”, so I can’t wait to share them with the rest of the country.

3. My Band is hilarious and all have unique hidden talents.  For example, my drummer Sam does an uncanny Jack Bauer impression, Dom, my pianist does a great Herbert from Family Guy and Jens, the violinist, can snap like a drumming madman.  I’m thinking that being forced to spend several hours at a time with each other, we can create some sort of weird variety show or something.

4. I want to start a collection of obscure state community college lanyards.

5. Over the past few months I have developed an obsession with Coca Cola. I just LOVE it.  I would like to drink from the cola fountain at the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta.  I also have relatives there and in other states that I would love to see and perform for.

6. Some people say I am too skinny…I figure hours of extreme muscle atrophy, fast food and long naps should do trick!

Dates to catch Jon Sandler will be posting soon to his MySpace. Be sure to be checking back.  But to get a taste of his music now, you can buy his album on iTunes

If you can help Jon out on his state community college lanyard collection feel free to send him a tweet by tweeting @jonsandler. And well you can tweet to him about anything else really.