Six Picks with:

Paint the Coastline

As Written By: Huy Nguyen

While writing songs, almost if not all, musicians fall into the trap of writing about girls/romance (can’t say we haven’t). However, we have realized this and came up with six things that musicians can write about other then lovey-dovey songs.

Six Things To Write Songs About Other Than Girls:

1) Friends – If it were “bros before hoes,” then wouldn’t make sense if they got a song before the girl?

2) Life – So many things come up, things that you want to do in life, things that you want people to remember and leave behind.

3) Guilt – There’s something that’s eating you up inside, write about it! That’s how you get your feelings out.

4) Summer – My favorite season is summer. It’s where you have no homework and you just hang out and chill with friends all day everyday.

5) Faith – We aren’t a “Christian” band but we still include our beliefs here and there in songs.

6) Finally, we can all write about how we love doing drugs, smoking, and gettin’ high like all the rap music out there!


Paint the Coastline is a brand new, unsigned, acoustic duo consisting of Huy Nguyen and Eric Smith. The group is currently playing a lot of shows around the Omaha area. They recently released an 8 song EP, “One Hell of A Memory,” and are looking to record some more songs early next year. Head to to hear a few songs from the EP, or visit for more songs and updates!