It is time for the final installment of “The Private Life Goes Public,” where we have been exclusively premiering a new song every Tuesday from The Private Life of David Reed’s new self-titled record, which drops today! Our final song premiere is titled “Bigger Than The Both Of Us.” (Listen to the track on the player above!)

Here is what David had to say about this track:
“As a songwriter, you hope your music reaches people. You hope it strikes a chord and makes them look at the way they view the world. That is powerful. One of my proudest moments as a songwriter was being asked by one of my best friends to write a song for their wedding. As a young couple, they found out they were pregnant. The first verse is about them embracing parenthood and realizing what a gift they had been given. Unfortunately, during childbirth, the mother had complications. I distinctly remember being on tour in New Orleans and getting the text, “The baby is fine. Brittani had complications. We aren’t sure if she is going to make it.” The second verse is about her soon-to-be husband staying by her side, not giving up. Fortunately, she did fully recover but some intense days inspired a song that is about a love and respect that is unwavering. It travels through hard times and low times, but each time is one made of love.”

A special thanks goes out to David Reed and his team for granting us the pleasure of premiering these tracks – go pick up the album today!