By Bekka Collins

The April Year are a Chicago based quartet known for their insane amount of talent despite only forming in mid-2010. Their catchy and upbeat indie/pop tracks have given them a loyal following of fans who have all responded incredibly well to their debut EP release The First Time In Forever.

Opening up with Meet Me Here we are introduced slowly to the sincerity of the vocals accompanied by soft keys to set the pace. As the tempo picks up, the riffs and beats kick in full force throwing us into a simply wonderful upbeat pop track. While dancing along may be necessary, the thought provoking lyrics not only make for a good sing-song but they in turn tell a story. With the chorus providing that little more energy, the breakdown of the bridge really helps divide the song into segments so we can appreciate each instrument featured. One of my favorite tracks that easily puts a smile onto my face.

Through Hell And High Hopes begins with prominent drum beats and steady riffs. Clear vocals are sung throughout, and the tone of the verses provides us with a slower, more structured tempo. As the chorus approaches the energy picks up to reflect the sudden burst of emotion portrayed through the lyrics. A solid track about a tricky subject, love and the heartache that goes with it.

The start of I Can’t Get Enough reminded me of nothing more than a cheesy love song you would expect to be featured on the TV. I guess that could be taken in a negative light, but in the end we all end up knowing, loving and singing along to these types of songs. Although it is a fairly short track, after a few listens the simple yet memorable tune may just have you bopping your head along whilst simultaneously singing the chorus of “love love love I can’t get enough”. It’s a happy go-lucky song, and as much as you try to fight it, you’re probably going to end up having a soft spot for it.

Closing the EP is So Much For The Art Museum which wastes no time in supplying a powerful drum beat and unforgettable riffs. The tempo chops and changes, making for an interesting listen. The vocals are sharp and precise and I actually can’t fault the finish of this song at all. Towards the end, the pace slows right down and fades out leaving you with that feeling of wanting to play the whole EP again.

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable EP which I have continued to listen to all the way through more than a couple of times. With strong lyrics accompanied by musical elements this EP is highly impressive for a debut and I suggest that everyone goes out and picks up a copy – you won’t regret it!

Rating: 9.5/10
Release Date:
January 18, 2011
Record Label:
Recommended Tracks: “
Meet Me Here” / “So Much For The Art Museum”
Purchase On: iTunes

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