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Over the course of history there have been several secession movements in the state of New York. One of the ideas discussed is that Long Island should secede and become its own state. Will this ever actually happen? Well, Long Island based indie rock band My Summer hopes so. Check out their lighthearted look at six reasons why Long Island should be its own state…

Six reasons Long Island should be its own state:

1.  Because J-Woww is from Long Island.

2.  Who wants to be associated with New York anyway?  C’mon.

3.  Our bagel stores are world renowned.

4.  To increase tourist revenue “Strong Island” t-shirts could be sold to all the juiced up guys with blowouts throughout Coney Island and NJ when they come here on vacation.

5.  Maybe people will stop moving away and pretending they’ve been from Brooklyn their whole lives? You’re not fooling anyone.

6.  Long Island pays $8.1 billion in taxes to the state and receives only $5.2 billion back in state payments. Google “Long Island secession” theres actually a big movement for this.

The Long Island based indie rock band My Summer have released their new self-titled album. To check out some songs from the album, please go to

Formed in 2005 by Mike Longo (guitar, vocals) and Joe Lambiaso (drums), My Summer quickly established themselves as a staple of New York’s indie rock scene, picking up band members Dave Ferrara (guitar) and Joe Gruber (bass) along the way. Before year’s end, they released their first EP.

Since then, My Summer has built up a following up and down the East Coast with their mix of upbeat guitar-driven rock balanced by melodic, jazzy interludes. In Fall 2006, the band released their first album, “Catch Fire.”

Their self-titled sophomore release debuted in November 2009. The album highlights the band’s ability to synthesize a range of influences. Songs like “What You’re Worth” and “Seething Soul” capture My Summer’s upbeat, yet aggressive sound, while “Wake Up” and “Through the War,” reveal a subtle thread of indie-pop.

In March 2011, the band released their first live album,” My Summer Live,” featuring tracks from both studio albums. The guys are looking forward to the launch of a new tour. “Being away and playing for people who don’t know who you are is the greatest thrill of it all,” says Longo. If the last few years have been any indication, 2011 should prove to be a big year for My Summer.
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