What is The Sound Alarm?

The Sound Alarm is a music press website that promotes great up-and-coming bands, as well as music from established bands that we feel is worth your attention. We first launched in March 2010.

Who runs The Sound Alarm?

Kayley Guyette and Matt Nistler are co-editors.

What city/state is The Sound Alarm operated out of?

The Sound Alarm has writers and contributors stationed all around the United States. We even have international contributors! Chances are good that if you’re looking to set up a specific interview, event, or concert review, we can make it happen.

Do you guys have Twitter accounts?

We do! Here are links to our pages:
The Sound Alarm Twitter
Kayley’s Twitter
Matt’s Twitter

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! Please “LIKE” us and invite your friends to do the same!

What is the meaning behind the name “The Sound Alarm?”

We wanted a name that would be catchy and easy to pronounce. We liked the name “The Sound Alarm” because it hints about our web site being about music without being called something tacky like www.awesomenewmusicwebsite.com. Also, the name is a play on words. A common phrase “Sound the alarm” is used when you want to alert people of something. In this case, however, we are alerting people OF the sounds (music). We like the name and hope you do too.

Is The Sound Alarm a credible site? Why should we listen to your suggestions? What do you guys know about music anyway?

Our staff is quite experienced when it comes to the music industry. TSA’s staff has booked hundreds of shows, worked on other well-known music websites, managed and tour managed bands, done publicity for bands, and much much more. We simply want to share this love of music with all of you.

Will you feature my band on your site?

We’re always looking for new music and new content! We can’t guarantee a feature, but definitely send us an e-mail at info@thesoundalarm.com and we’ll take it from there.

Is The Sound Alarm looking for writers?

We’re always interested in checking out aspiring writers. Shoot us an email at info@thesoundalarm.com with samples of your writing, why you’re interested, and any experience you have in the music and/or writing industry.

Who coded and designed The Sound Alarm?

Matt Nistler of Designs that MATTer created the physical web site. It is an adaptation of a WordPress theme called Aparatus. If you’re looking for any graphic design help feel free to hit up Matt at matt@designsthatmatter.com

Do you do album reviews?

Yes, e-mail us at info@thesoundalarm.com. We’ll send you our physical mailing address after you contact us. We also accept digital press kits. Please bear in mind that it would be impossible to review every album that gets sent to us. We will try our best to help you out though.

Why aren’t you covering my favorite band on here?

We probably don’t know about them! If we are fans too, we’ll definitely be sure to post about them. We’re always looking for new music suggestions.

Can we submit news stories to you?

Yes. You can submit music related news to us at info@thesoundalarm.com Please only submit factual news and not gossip. Also, we are not an “up-to-the-second” music news site like some sites are, so if we don’t post your news suggestion don’t take it personal as we are very selective with the news we cover.

How do you decide what bands to feature?

We feature bands that we think are worth checking out! Our goal is to help you discover your new favorite band. Simple as that.