By: Cassi Harris

If All the Day Holiday’s first full-length release, The Things We’ve Grown to Love, was not at the top of your “best of ’09” list, it is time to give this album some much-needed attention. Based on band name alone, All the Day Holiday sounds like it would be another generic pop-punk band with no originality or depth. However, at first listen, All the Day Holiday delivers seamless instrumentation and haunting vocals reminiscent of Lydia and Mae that are not to be over-looked.

All the Day Holiday is comprised of Daniel Simmons (guitar/ vocals,) Mark Ventura (drums/percussion,) David Roller (bass guitar/keys,) and Nathan Frisch (Guitar.)  Together, they have created an album overflowing with optimism with no synthesizer required. The Things We’ve Grown to Love draws inspiration from nature, life, love and is refreshingly not entirely focused on romantic relationships.

The standout tracks on this album are “Greener,” “La Voyage” and “Real Time.” They are all strong, rock-driven anthems that showcase Simmons’ vocal range.  The lyrical messages “get out of this world, get out of this place, make a life worth living with love on your face” and “you said we’d never make it, it never phased me, it never changed me” on “Greener” and “La Voyage” respectively, really showcase the optimism engrained in this album and the collective determination in All the Day Holiday.  Simmons vocals are packed with emotion and these tracks demonstrate perfection musically and lyrically.

The title track, “The Things We’ve Grown to Love,” and “Mountains” are the most upbeat tracks on the album. The guitar arrangements on “The Things We’ve Grown to Love” are fantastic and “Mountains” allows Simmons vocals to shine while repeating the line “I’m so excited for what is to come.” The positivity throughout the album is contagious without feeling repetitive or fake.

Do not worry hopeless romantics, although the album is not centered around love, “2000 Winters” and “Cheers (You Still Love Me)” will satisfy your demands. The repeated line “you’ve always been so much more than a friend” in “2000 Winters” will resonate with anyone who has experienced unrequited love and “Cheers (You Still Love Me)” accurately conveys the concept of unconditional love.

The more mellow tracks on the album that give off a Copeland vibe are “Autumn,” “Cities,” “Atmosphere” and “Flowers and Fireworks.” However, to set these tracks apart, All the Day Holiday consistently delivers emotionally driven bridges with raw vocals and guitar solos, constantly experimenting with their song structure.

Indie-rock bands tend to neglect the man with the kit in the back of the stage but All the Day Holiday has successfully given Ventura his fair share of spotlight throughout the album.  Their ratio of instrumentation is flawless and the vocals are not over-powering creating a perfect balance.  This, along with their strong structure, makes for an atmosphere that is easily transferrable from clubs to arenas.  This versatility will prove to be an asset to the band in the future.

The album ends with the stripped-down acoustic song, “Invisible.” This track is definitely the only weakness on the album. Although it allows Simmons to be in the spotlight with his vocals, it neglects All the Day Holiday’s ability to effortlessly put every member of the spotlight, one of their best qualities. The song also ends abruptly with no closure.  Some additional attention in the studio to the closure of the album would have made this release perfect.

Although The Things We’ve Grown to Love was released last year, its timeless nature will ensure that this album becomes an indie-rock staple in your music collection.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: August 4, 2009
Label: Linc Star Records
Recommended Tracks: “Greener” / “La Voyage” / “2000 Winters”
For Fans Of: Copeland / Lydia / Mae
Twitter: @ATDH